Chapter 640: Going with the Flow (Part One)

– At the hospital –

Zhou Zhen was receiving treatment.

It was the first time Lin Chuxue saw Auntie Lan with a temper, and she didn’t let anyone help her. She called her financial lawyer and team of assistants as she directly said, “Do whatever it takes to bring down Ai’s Jewelry for me, I don’t care even if we end up with revenue loss! I want them to collapse!”

“Boss, I’m afraid this malicious competition will cost you billions for nothing!”

Auntie Lan glared at the team. “Didn’t you hear what I said? I can afford to lose billions, and not just billions! Just do it! If you guys can’t, I’ll find someone else and you won’t need to come to work tomorrow!”

“Yes!” the team whispered as they then exited the ward.

Lin Chuxue looked at Auntie Lan with her hands on her chin and smiled charmingly. “Auntie, I thought you would be a very gentle and ladylike woman, who tries to not get angry to avoid getting wrinkles.”

Auntie Lan coughed. “I usually follow Young Madam around and I’ve been a little influenced by her.”

After struggling for a bit, Lan Ting pursed her lips and suddenly kneeled down to Lin Chuxue.

Lin Chuxue was stunned. “Auntie, what are you doing?”

Auntie Lan raised her eyes to look at Lin Chuxue and begged, “Young Madam, I’ve never begged you nor Young Master before, but I’m begging you now; could you ask Young Master to save Zhou Zeng’s face? He’s a member of the Zhou Family and needs to take care of his appearance and reputation. He’ll have to work later, and if his face can’t go back to normal, how is he going to meet other people in the future? Please, I’m begging you to save him.”

“Get up first, what are you doing Auntie!” Lin Chuxue helped her up with two hands and said, “Xu Cheng told you before, don’t kneel at every turn. Now you’re doing this again, just say what you have to say directly to me. What are you kneeling for.”

Lan Ting said, “I know that Young Master has a medicine that is very precious and difficult to make. I’ve heard about it so I am begging you, could you convince the Young Master to use this medicine to save Zhou?”

“Medicine?” Lin Chuxue was stunned. “How did I… not know about this?”

“I…” Auntie Lan knew that she said something she shouldn’t have, that Xu Cheng hadn’t told Lin Chuxue about this medicine yet. She suddenly didn’t know what to say, “When Master Ye was dying, it was actually Young Master who stepped in to save him. I know the cost of that drug is not something that money can buy, but I can’t bear to look at Zhou Zeng being like this. How is he going to attend the wedding in a few days? Chuxue, Auntie is begging you, please?”

“Wait for me, I’ll go and ask him,” Lin Chuxue said as she then walked out of the hospital ward and called Xu Cheng in the corridor.

As soon as she stepped out, Zhou Zhen opened his eyes and looked at Lan Ting with bloodshot eyes. “You’re so stupid, do you know how precious that medicine is? Old Master and the others have begged and waited for as long as they can hope.”

Lan Ting sighed. “Aren’t you also foolish enough to block that for me?”

Xu Cheng was already on his way to the hospital when he received a call from Lin Chuxue. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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