Chapter 640: Going with the Flow (Part Two)

“I’m almost there.”

Lin Chuxue: “I’ve got a question. Auntie Lan said that you cured Master Ye and the others, she didn’t dare to beg you to save Zhou Zhen, so she just kneeled down to me! They really love each other.”

Xu Cheng: “So? My wife, what are you suggesting?”

Lin Chuxue: “Do you have a way to save Uncle Zhou’s face so that the two of them can still get married?”

Xu Cheng said, “Honey, there’s something I want to confess to you. I’m actually the owner of the Mandala Lab!”

Lin Chuxue’s eyes widened. “You mean the last time I went to the auction house with you, that 3 billion dollars Mandala Lab?”

Xu Cheng: “Yes.”

Lin Chuxue was slightly surprised and quickly asked, “In other words, the drug Auntie Lan is referring to is the Mandala Lab’s medicine, right? Then according to the fact that it took five years for the Mandala Lab to develop the medicine and that it’s already been auctioned off, there’s no medicine that can save Uncle Zhou?”

Xu Cheng said, “No, actually there is another one, but I left it for you. I remember you said something about the bullet scars on your stomach? I’ve always wanted to give you a surprise to erase it for you someday.”

Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth. “Xu Cheng, I want to save Uncle Zhou first now, is that okay?”

Xu Cheng couldn’t help but test Lin Chuxue a bit.”Think about it, maybe the drug won’t be developed by the Mandala’s Lab again, so your scars will be with you for the rest of your life and can’t be repaired.”

Lin Chuxue felt a bit lost as she asked, “Do you care?”

Xu Cheng: “I don’t care.”

Lin Chuxue then smiled and said, “Then that’s enough, save this medicine to Uncle Zhou.”

Xu Cheng smiled back as well. “You are really my wife, I guessed that you would pick this choice.”

Lin Chuxue snorted. “Then did you guess what I want yet?”

“You can say whatever you want. I will even grab the moon from the sky for you.”

Lin Chuxue: “If you still need a woman to remind you of this kind of thing, then what’s the fun in it? Hmph. Alright, I’m not teasing you anymore, come over and let’s try to save Uncle Zhou.”

Suddenly a thought came to Xu Cheng’s head, he may just go with the flow.

“Since Auntie Lan is the one who begged for it, I’ll bring you the medicine and you go give it to them. I hope you won’t cry later.”

“I won’t cry if you don’t bully me in the future,” said Lin Chuxue.

“I’m downstairs at the hospital.”

Lin Chuxue hung up the phone and went downstairs to pick up the medicine from Xu Cheng, then she ran up the stairs and went into the ward.

“Auntie, here you go,” Lin Chuxue said.

Lan Ting did not expect Lin Chuyue to actually go and ask for it, and Zhou Zhen who was behind her was also shocked.

“Young Madam, this… ” Lan Ting was dumbfounded for a moment and didn’t know if she should grab it or not. Because just when Lin Chuxue headed downstairs, Zhou Zhen had told her how precious this medicine was and how difficult it was to extract and make it. It made Lan Ting regret opening her mouth and kneel to Lin Chuxue begging her to do so. But after she really brought it over, she suddenly felt speechless.

“What are you waiting for, hurry up and give it to Uncle Zhou.” Lin Chuxue turned to Zhou Zhen. “I warn you, if you wrong my aunt in the future, I won’t forgive you!”

Lin Chuxue then placed the medicine in Zhou Zhen’s palm herself and said, “Xu Cheng said that you know how to use it.”

Zhou Zhen indeed knew how it worked because he and his two brothers had used it on Old Master Zhou before.

He gratefully said, “Don’t worry, in the future, whether it’s at home or outside, I won’t dare go West if she says to head East!”

The reason why Zhou Zhen was so excited was because this medicine could not only heal wounds, but also prolong life!

This gift of medicine gave Lin Chuxue some leverage in the Zhou Family, and it also secured Auntie Lan’s future position with Zhou Zhen and the Zhou Family. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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