Chapter 641: Old Enemy (Part One)

– The Night Before the Wedding Banquet –

Lin Chuxue dragged Xu Cheng to a clothing company that she usually ordered clothes from. This company had hired Lin Chuxue to represent their branding for Kitty Brand, it was also considered a famous domestic clothing company.

Their designs were avant-garde, their fashion sense precise, and they were one of the favourite collaborators that some actresses liked to work with.

Since she was going to attend a wedding banquet, Lin Chuxue wanted to come over to custom order a special dress to wear for the occasion.

She came back to Huaxia in a rush this time, and she didn’t have too many clothes here that she could change into. So it was good to come over and order some clothes, and if time didn’t allow, it would still be good to pick a few existing ones.

After Lin Chuxue entered this company, one of the female managers she used to work with came over and took her up to the clothing room area to look at some of the latest releases.

“Miss Lin, it might be a bit tight on time for your clothes, I’m afraid they won’t be made before the day after tomorrow. Please forgive us.”

“It’s okay, I’ll take a look at some of the latest styles then.” Lin Chuxue smiled.

The manager led her and Xu Cheng over to the clothing area.

In this clothing company, it was really not surprising that someone could bump into a few female artists on weekdays. Some of them came to shoot endorsement advertisements, and there were many other artists who had difficulty choosing clothing for things like magazines or TV movies shootings; all of them would come to this company because of how complete their styles were.

Lin Chuxue’s appearance still caused quite a stir, especially in the entertainment circle.

She walked into a clothing room with Xu Cheng in her arm, and there happened to be three female artists picking out clothes inside. One of them was a famous one, Zhao Na, who was once one of the Four Flowers of the entertainment industry.

When she saw Lin Chuxue come in, she was surprised. She then turned to look at the person in charge of the clothing company and asked, “Didn’t you say it’s always my endorsement? Did you also get her to represent you at the same time? If that’s the case, then sorry, I won’t be sharing the stage with her.”

This person directly in charge of Zhao Na’s ad endorsement laughed bitterly, “Don’t get me wrong, you’re the only one with an endorsement. She’s not.”

Zhao Na snorted. “Then why is she here? Don’t try to fool me.”

The manager: “No, Miss Zhao Na, don’t worry, our spokesperson is only you. Miss Lin Chuxue’s endorsement contract ended a year ago. She’s just here to pick out some clothes.”

Then the person in charge went over to the manager with Lin Chuxue and asked with some temper, “Why did you bring her to this area? Did not know Zhao Na is filming an ad here today?”

This manager smiled bitterly. “Lin Chuxue is a former customer of our company, and she is eager to see the new products. Can I bring her to see somewhere else?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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