Chapter 641: Old Enemy (Part Two) 

In fact, she was pissed to hear it, because before Lin Chuxue endorsement ended with this company, she was responsible for it. Although Lin Chuxue went into hiatus after, their company had in fact used her name to gain a lot of fame. Although the endorsement was no longer in place, the friendship should always stay. Besides, if an influential person wanted to wear their clothes, then how could they refuse to sell to them? In the eyes of the manager, people like Lin Chuxue were not only getting paid for a collaboration and also continued to wear the company brand after their deal, which was like free publicity to the company. Who would be stupid enough to refuse?

Zhao Na’s manager frowned. “You know full well that they used to be on bad terms. I’m telling you, Lin Chuxue is not going to be collaborating with you with an endorsement deal, but if Zhao Na terminates her contract and quits, you will have to go and explain to the CEO why.”

After saying that, she grunted and turned around to go over to comfort Zhao Na.

Zhao Na was over there with her assistant, agent, and various company staff people around her to shoot the ad.

Xu Cheng saw Zhao Na’s attitude, so he smiled at Lin Chuxue. “She’s living the life you should have, are you not missing the old Lin Chuxue?”

As Lin Chuxue picked out her clothes, she said indifferently, “Was it fun? I wasn’t like this even when I was more famous than her. It’s just them feeding you what you want, because the real producers, the film company bosses, in fact, see you as a money-earning tool. That is, they deliberately give you the fame, and they let you become addicted to it and enjoy the famous life of the entertainment industry. They want you to stay forever and let you fall down into this hole! But in all seriousness, who knows who you are when you leave the entertainment industry and enter Yanjing? I didn’t look down on anyone. After all, I’m part of them. Plus they’re all women, I know how difficult it is for women in the entertainment industry, so I understand them.”

Xu Cheng smiled. “But why do I feel like they don’t understand you?”

Lin Chuxue smiled. “It’s normal for people to be competitive, especially between women. Before I went into hiatus, they always wanted to get ahead of me but didn’t have a chance. Now that I’ve stepped down for various reasons, they are eager to step on me; this is the so-called entertainment circle where everyone wants to grab any chance they can get. For example if this Weibo war dies down right now and no one’s speaking another word, and then Zhao Na stepped out to walk over me, her prestige and fame in the circle will become even higher.”

Xu Cheng: “You’ve thought it through very thoroughly.”

Lin Chuxue gave Xu Cheng a glance. “This circle is like this, eating people without spitting bones. I didn’t want to enter the entertainment circle before.”

Xu Cheng asked curiously, “Then why did you still come in?”

Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng with great meaning in her eyes. “Do you really not know or are you pretending? Obviously, it’s because of you.”

She sighed. “That’s when I wanted you to be responsible and not run away from our relationship. I actually got into the entertainment industry to test you, to see if you cared about me or not…”

Xu Cheng rubbed her hair with a bitter smile. “I’m sorry, Xue. Thank you for waiting, thank you for always remembering you’re my wife even when you were in the entertainment industry.”

“I also want to thank you for not letting me down.” Lin Chuxue gazed at Xu Cheng and smiled.

Just as Lin Chuxue thought, Zhao Na was very upset to see Lin Chuxue here. Originally Zhao Na had this endorsement, and some people in this industry were suggesting that it was only because Lin Chuxue had quit that the contract landed on her. The thing that angered her was that if the Four Flowers of the entertainment industry were really equal in status, then she shouldn’t be taking the ‘left-overs’ from someone else.

But there was no other way since this clothing company endorsement fee was very generous, and they were sincere. The brand also influenced many areas and would increase her popularity, making it a win-win situation. Under these premises, she endured it, but how could they let Lin Chuxue appear here again?

The appearance of Lin Chuxue was like she was constantly telling her: I was just here to see how carefully you are taking care of something I didn’t want. Yes, I came to show off.

This made Zhao Na unhappy in front of the camera, because she always felt  that Lin Chuxue intentionally or maybe unintentionally looked over to laugh at her. Especially when the cameraman asked her to pose like how Lin Chuxue had before, adding on to her anger. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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