Chapter 642: In Addition to Acting, You Need to Improve Your Manners (Part One)

“I’m not shooting it anymore!” Zhao Na said as she teared off the flower accessory from her head and sat down onto the sofa, looking pissed.

Her agent saw that and went over to calm her temper.

Everyone else was stunned and baffled, but because she was famous, they could only gather around her and please her.

“What are you doing?” The agent questioned her in a low voice, “Everything was good, let’s hurry up and finish the photo shoot so we can catch the next thing on our schedule.”

“Shoot what?!” Zhao Na raised her eyebrows. “Can’t you see how someone’s looking at me, as if I’m a poor wretch who eats leftovers and cold food? When have I ever been so angry? She, Lin Chuxue, chose a bad time; she had to come here today to choose clothes. This is provoking me you know?”

“It’s not like she’s the only one who’s here, so let’s not make any trouble,” the agent warned her.

“What’s wrong this time, Miss Zhao?” At this time, the manager came over with a smile and asked.

The agent hurriedly eased up the situation. “It’s fine, it’s fine. She’s just suddenly out of it, she hasn’t slept well enough lately. Let’s take a break first, let everyone rest and I’ll treat anyone who wants to order lunch.”

Zhao Na had been looking at Lin Chuxue who was picking out clothes, and she suddenly saw Lin Chuxue come out of the dressing room and stand in front of the mirror. Lin Chuxue asked Xu Cheng smilingly, “Does it look good on me?”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Of course, you look good even without anything on.”

“Perv.” Lin Chuxue glared at Xu Cheng and was going to communicate with the manager regarding the clothes.

Who knew that Zhao Na would speak up. “Let’s shoot, no need to take a break. I want to wear that dress, bring it over.”

She said as she pointed at the dress Lin Chuxue was wearing.

The manager’s face was dumbfounded and revealed a flash of awkwardness, but she had no choice but to come over and say, “You tell Lin Chuxue to take off her dress and give it to Zhao Na.”

The store manager was speechless. “That’s not okay. Just have her wear those ones.”

“Would I come and talk to you if I could talk her out of it?” Zhao Na’s manager looked at the store manager and raised her eyebrows. “Don’t forget that she is the spokesperson. The success of the promotion is mainly based on her so she should have the right to be able to try on any style of clothes for the shoot. You also shouldn’t forget that Lin Chuxue is no longer the spokesperson, so you don’t need to keep entertaining her while you ignore the real spokesperson.”

The store manager: “I’m not ignoring the spokesperson, I’m just serving Miss Lin as a regular customer. Don’t think too much, I don’t have as many conspiracy theories as you do.”

“That’s good, then cooperate with me. You’re familiar with Lin Chuxue, so tell her to bring that dress over to Zhao Na.”

Lin Chuxue had already come out of the dressing room again with that silky dark dress in her arms. “Pack this one up for me.”

The manager came over with a troubled face, looking like she wanted to say something, and she apologized first, “Miss Lin, I’m sorry. Miss Zhao Na said she likes to use this set of clothes for the commercial shooting, so… “

Lin Chuxue saw the difficulty she was going through and didn’t want to force anyone to do anything, so she said, “Alright, then I’ll choose another style.”

“Okay.” The manager let out a sigh of relief.

Lin Chuxue then picked out some other clothes to look at.

Zhao Na saw the manager bring over the clothes Lin Chuxue was looking at and said, “Leave them here, I’ll try them on later.”

She had no intention to continue shooting, as she continued to look at Lin Chuxue.

After Lin Chuxue had picked out another set of clothes but before she was even ready to go into the dressing room, Zhao Na spoke up, “I like that one too.”

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