Chapter 643: Take All the Clothes You Like From Here (Part Two)

Although the ship crews always said it was a supernatural event, everyone knew that the cause of things was related to Lin Chuxue, and only Xu Cheng was by her side. Everyone had died and only Xu Cheng walked in from outside of the ship, while hundreds of soldiers died outside. Any fool would know that it had to be because of Xu Cheng.

President Yu turned his head to look at Lin Chuxue and said to her with his hands collapsed together in devotion. “Good day, Holy Maiden.”

Lin Chuxue couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “What nonsense are you talking about.”

President Yu laughed out as well. “You used a curse to kill over a hundred pirates on the ship that night, that was awesome. You don’t have to explain. The rescued people on that ship just started calling you that, so I’m also used to calling you that.”

Xu Cheng looked at him and asked, “This company belongs to you?”

President Yu nodded: “Yes, I still have to thank Miss Lin as well. When our company’s reputation was low, with a huge shortage of funds for all kinds of expenses, we looked for Miss Lin as a spokesperson, and that’s how we got famous. I’m sorry for my bad eyesight that I didn’t even recognize Miss Lin on the ship that day.”

Lin Chuxue smiled. “I don’t like public attention and I don’t like socializing, so it’s normal that you didn’t recognize me then.”

The manager who used to be in charge of the endorsement project with Lin Chuxue came over and said, “Yes President Yu, back then, you were so busy with all sorts of business collaborations all day, you didn’t have time to check up on the endorsement deals.”

President Yu nodded. “I had forgotten that you were the one who brought up the matter of signing Miss Lin at first, good job. By the way, what’s the matter? Tell me about it.”

When the manager saw that the CEO actually knew Lin Chuxue and the two of them and had a nice relationship, she immediately told him about everything that had just happened.

President Yu nodded his head, and then took a deep look at Zhao Na.

Immediately, he turned to Lin Chuxue and said, “Miss Lin, there’s no repayment for saving my life. I know you’ll be angry if I give you money for these tacky things, so let’s do this a simple way. Whichever clothes you like here, just feel free to take them!”

Zhao Na’s face turned pale, “President Yu!”

President Yu looked directly at Zhao Na, “I’m sorry Miss Zhao, but now our company is terminating the endorsement contract with you for not cooperating with work and trying to play big cards. Please leave!”

His words made a huge stir on the scene.

Zhao Na’s agent quickly laughed along, trying to ease the situation. “President Yu, is this ……”

President Yu glared at the agent and said in a low voice, “I’ll talk to your company’s CEO about this, so take your people and leave.”

The agent almost fell to the ground thinking that this was definitely turning into a complaint.

President Yu looked at Lin Chuxue again and smiled. “Miss Lin, just tell your manager Zhang which one you like.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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