Chapter 644: Equivalence (Part One)

Lin Chuxue looked at Zhao Na and then smiled at President Yu. “Forget it, I’ll go look elsewhere.”

The CEO didn’t sound pleased as he said, “If I didn’t know about it then it would’ve been fine, but now I do and you’re already here. Would you please pick a few pieces to take with you? If the others knew about this, what would they think about me if I treat the savior of my life like this? How’s this, Miss Lin, I know that you are not lacking in anything else, and I only have just these clothes to show my appreciation, so you can pick whatever you like.”

Zhao Na’s agent took a few of the clothes that Lin Chuxue had just tried on and hurried over, trying to save the day as she said, “Miss Lin, these two were the ones you liked.”

Lin Chuxue lowered her eyes to look at the bag and said calmly, “No need, I don’t want these two pieces since they’re the ones Zhao Na likes.”

The agent elbowed Zhao Na who blushed red and looked angry.

“Apologize!” she quickly whispered to Zhao Na. “You absolutely cannot lose this endorsement! If you lose this endorsement, in addition to the contract fees, you’ll also lose the opportunity to be the main actress in the urban fashion drama sponsored by this company. You really can’t lose this opportunity for the time being, otherwise it will affect your plans for an entire year.”

Zhao Na gritted her teeth and waited until Lin Chuxue was ready to turn away. She knew that if she didn’t do something, then President Yu would also be displeased and the situation would become awkward. If she didn’t cooperate, he would be angry with her and by then, it wouldn’t be as simple as just losing her endorsement.

After thinking for a long time, with the agent anxiously tugging her elbow, Zhao Na spoke up. “I’m sorry. These two dresses were originally chosen by you; they don’t fit me, here you go.”

She handed Lin Chuxue the bag with both hands. Although she was reluctant, she had no choice since she lost.

Lin Chuxue was right, popularity was of no use! It was all about personal connections and influence! Wealthy people built the bridges in the entertainment industry, and they could also destroy those bridges and crush someone into pieces.

Zhao Na felt the distance between herself and Lin Chuxue in this encounter.

Therefore, she compromised!

Lin Chuxue saw that Zhao Na had apologized, and it wasn’t good to let this go on any further. Having seen that she had come over to give her the bag in person, and in front of so many people in the entertainment circle; if this woman had stopped in moderation, then she would do so as well.  

“President Yu, then I thank you for your kindness.” Lin Chuxue looked at President Yu and smiled.

“That’s not a problem. I was afraid that you wouldn’t accept my small appreciation.” President Yu turned to that female manager and said, “Xiao Zhang, get a lifetime membership subscription card for Miss Lin. From now on, she can come to every quarterly product fashion show for free and enjoy the privilege of ordering three sets of clothes per quarter.”

That manager who was responsible for Lin Chuxue before smiled. “Yes, Mr. Yu.”

Whether it was the staff members on the scene or those famous models or other female artists, they were all in awe.

This independent brand was one of the top brands in the country for custom-made clothes. They had sponsored many award ceremonies, and they had a huge influence as well. Generally, these membership privileges belonged to the shareholders, which only a few people could get; therefore, giving a former female artist such privileges was very surprising.

Those female models and second-tier female artists couldn’t even come here to pick out clothes unless it was for some special occasion, so how could they not be envious of Lin Chuxue.

Lin Chuxue really liked the style of clothing designed by this independent brand, and now that she was able to have priority every quarter, she smiled. “I’ll take this gift; your company’s designs fit my aesthetic. As for the rest, you don’t need to give me anything else.”

President Yu smiled. “Alright, Miss Lin, you go and try on the clothes here.”

Lin Chuxue nodded as she took the bag and headed over to try on the clothes.

President Yu waved his hand. “You all go back to work.”

He then took out a pack of cigarettes from his suit, pulled one out, and handed it to Xu Cheng. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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