Chapter 645: I Need to Sort Out the Xu Family’s assets (Part One)

Meanwhile, Zhao Na who was sitting on the couch in the shooting area didn’t feel so well.

Her agent patted her shoulders and said, “I’ve told you to keep it down, because for all these years Lin Chuxue was in the entertainment circle, nothing ever happened to her. How could a woman have such a smooth path in this industry? Her background has always been a question, and I thought you would know that since you’ve been in this industry long enough. Remember how Yan Xian was dissing her? Do you know what happened? It’s been two years and I haven’t seen any of his works coming out ever again. Just the day before yesterday, Lin Yan dissed her on Weibo, and what happened? Lin Yan’s company and her own Weibo deleted all the published posts and the social media platform directly froze Lin Yan’s account.”

Zhao Na was still in denial. “You think it was Lin Chuxue behind all this?”

“No.” The agent looked at Xu Cheng who was chatting with CEO Yu in the corner over there. “I always thought it was that man! Have you heard anything lately?”

Zhao Na turned her head over. “What?”

The agent whispered, “It’s about this man, Xu Cheng. Someone hired netizens to leave awful comments under his Weibo, and just yesterday, all of those were cleared out.  They found out that a total of seven male artists did it, and among these seven men, three of them are first-tier, four are second-tier, and they were the ones who had expressed that they liked Lin Chuxue in public. Then, all seven of their company CEOs were called out for tea.”

Zhao Na’s pupils contracted. “Coincidence, right? Could it be that man?”

The agent nodded her head and said, “Nine times out of ten. Because after the seven company CEOs came back, I heard that the three top-tier male artists were all removed from their main roles in the dramas and movies they were working on, and some TV announcements didn’t even let them go on stage. Even fools can tell that this was because of Xu Cheng, and there was definitely a reason for Lin Chuxue to resign during her peak. It was probably because she didn’t want to affect her man, which means that her man is very capable. Otherwise it’s hard to explain why she gave up everything she had. Thus we can conclude that the reason why others don’t dare to mess with Lin Chuxue in the entertainment industry could actually be because of this man. You’re at a disadvantage today, so it’s not a shame. At least you didn’t offend them completely, and you kept your job. Look at CEO Yu, did you see the way he talked to Xu Cheng? He’s trying to please this man; isn’t this enough to say something about this man’s background? No matter how much anger you have, keep it to yourself and don’t look to offend Lin Chuxue any further. There’s already a huge difference in status between you two, understand?”

Zhao Na glared at Xu Cheng, who was over there with his legs crossed, and said hatefully, “What kind of luck does Lin Chuxue have? Being prettier than me and more capable than me, now she can even meet such a good man. Look at the ones I met, all of them will only treat me as a doll to show around to his friends.”

The agent laughed bitterly. “It’s really not simple for a woman in the entertainment industry to succeed in marrying rich. This Lin Chuxue and her husband were childhood sweethearts, so she was able to stick with him from the beginning. Don’t disagree, it’s not that you haven’t met the right person before, it’s just that you’re too proud of yourself. If you were Lin Chuxue, would you be able to follow her example and do what she did to give up the stage at the peak of her career? “

Zhao Na couldn’t say anything because she couldn’t do it.

Lin Chuxue picked out three sets of clothes to wear for the next few days.

When she came out of the dressing room, Zhao Na, who had been brainwashed by her agent, came over to her and said, “Whether it was before or just now, forgive me for being stupid.”

She extended her hand out as well.

After being stunned for a moment, Lin Chuxue shook her hand. “It’s okay, this circle is like this. I’ve quit, it’ll be your world from now on.”

Zhao Na: “Thank you.”

Lin Chuxue nodded and then took the shopping bag and left.

Meanwhile, Xu Cheng and CEO Yu were almost done chatting. Having seen that Lin Chuxue wanted to leave, he quickly said to Xu Cheng, “If Mr. Xu has any freetime while you’re in Yanjing, let’s play ball sometimes.”

Usually “play ball” would refer to playing golf instead of football or basketball; golf was a hobby of the rich and famous.

“Maybe, I’ll call you if I have time,” Xu Cheng told him.

CEO Yu nodded and walked the two of them out of the company.

When they got into the car, Lin Chuxue remembered something, and she turned to look at Xu Cheng for a while. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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