Chapter 647: Mandala’s Next R&D Plan (Part One)

Eighty billion!


Even Lin Chuxue, who was born in a wealthy family, couldn’t imagine this much money. Although her family had a few billion assets, that was a completely different concept compared to eighty billion! She had once imagined marrying a successful man, and her requirements weren’t too high other than that he should earn more than her, which was 10 million dollars per year.

She didn’t require him to have a huge business running; as long as they had assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it would be fine.

Women, once they’ve given up their dreams, what else could they expect from following their man? It was nothing more than material living and love.

Love she had, but she didn’t expect that in terms of living, Xu Cheng could give her such a big surprise.

This was no longer as simple as being rich.

80 billion dollars, if this was exposed to the public, he would be no doubt one of the top 3 wealthiest people in the world. The key point was that this wasn’t family properly nor was it inherited, he purely earned it by himself.

Therefore, Lin Chuxue’s gaze became a bit different when she looked at Xu Cheng.

“Let me as you, you wouldn’t have taken Aunt Lan’s money to lie to me, right?” Lin Chuxue asked him after she had calmed down.

“Am I that kind of person?” Xu Cheng was speechless. “Don’t insult my dignity please.”

Lin Chuxue was satisfied and looked at Stenson again. “No way, it’s too impudent for you to let someone else handle this much money.”

Stenson coughed. “Madam, I’m a professional. I won’t take a penny from the boss, you see that I didn’t even ask for reimbursement for the flight this time, I paid for the tickets myself. Where else could you find a good employee like me who is so dedicated, right?”

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes at him, then looked at Xu Cheng. “Why didn’t you sell the Mandala Lab for 50 billion?”

“Sell it for what.” Xu Cheng sounded surprised. “A project that may be worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the future, selling it now at 50 billion would be too narrow-minded. Don’t forget that it’s the only one in the world that can cure difficult diseases and repair body tissues, and once it is promoted in the future, even the patent money for anyone trying to copy it would be at an astronomical amount every year! Once it goes public, as a monopoly, how much do you think the stock will be worth?”

Lin Chuxue: “Don’t think that I don’t know anything. Your technology has to match up, didn’t you say it’s hard to do research into the drug? I heard that it would take a few years to finish just one or two doses.”

Xu Cheng said, “Well then, assuming that a single drug is researched for three years and auctioned off for $3 billion, then according to the average annual revenue of $1 billion, the Wall Street gang’s estimate of $50 billion is really conservative, because they don’t even know the progress of the drug research. The Mandala Lab’s drug is temporarily called the universal drug. It had just made a name for itself in the public and we backed down a bit, so we could launch other reduced effects drugs first and go for the mid-range drug market.”

Lin Chuxue’s eyes lit up. “There are other studies the Mandala Lab is working on?”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Although the 3-billion-dollar drug is difficult to make, its efficacy is still there because it can completely kill all the diseased cells. If we lowered the requirements so that the drug doesn’t completely kill the cancer cells at once and just divide it into treatments, then a simpler drug could be sold for 100K per treatment. If we split that into 50 treatments, then by the time they have reduced the cancer cells to the lowest level, the patients would have almost already spent 5 million dollars.”

Lin Chuxue: “Does it kill cancer cells?”

Xu Cheng: “Yes, but the time needed isn’t as simple as just 50 chemotherapy treatments. Don’t think this treatment is too expensive. Don’t forget that there are no hospitals who can vouch that their treatment will completely kill cancer cells; they can only stabilize it at most but still can’t stop its spread. We are different, we can directly kill it, it’s just that the drug composition is lowered, and it would take time, which gives the patient a kind of hope that is better than having no cure. Besides, once we reduce the cancer cells to the lowest level, they can at least live another five to ten years! For rich people, this package is simply too good a deal.”

Lin Chuxue’s brows narrowed. “Then what’s the point of this drug you’ve been researching for five years? At that time, people will prefer to choose chemotherapy rather than auctioning off this medicine.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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