Chapter 648: An Opportunity to Break into the Mainstream (Part One)

Lin Chuxue let go of Xu Cheng and laid on the sofa’s hand rest with one hand supporting her face as she tilted her head to look at him. She had a charming smile on her face as she said, “My man, I seem to have missed a lot of your stories again. Do you want to write an autobiography for me to read?”

Xu Cheng: “Forget it, people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong.”

“Not arrogant, I like it.” She rubbed Xu Cheng’s cheeks in satisfaction and got up. “Alright, I’m going to change and then go find Aunt Lan. Tomorrow is her wedding and I have to accompany her. Otherwise, I’m afraid that she will feel nervous.”

Xu Cheng nodded his head.

Lin Chuxue leaned and said beside Xu Cheng’s ear, “When the autobiography comes out in the future, I don’t need too much of a story. Just specify that it’s the woman behind Xu Cheng’s back.”

Deep fame and hidden merit.

Lin Chuxue smiled coquettishly and went upstairs twisting her waist in a free manner.

Stenson actually believed it and said, “I also have the same idea as Madam. I was wondering maybe we could pay Hollywood and their six major film companies to invest in a sick movie based on your autobiography.”

Xu Cheng glared at him. “Isn’t that the same as telling someone how I got the two casinos in my hands? By the way, there’s a ‘Ming Jue’ clothing company here in Yanjing, it’s considered a top-tier domestic brand. Its market value is over a billion dollars. Go contact their CEO and see if you can buy some of his company’s shares under Lin Chuxue’s name.”

Stenson nodded. “If you’re interested, you can invest in other big brand companies too, such as some foreign ones with good potential. I thought you seem to despise those companies with little revenues, so that’s why you haven’t invested in the clothing industry.”

“No.” Xu Cheng watched Lin Chuxue as she went upstairs. “She likes the clothes from this company. Go ahead and do it. You don’t need to get a hold of all the shares, just let her be a shareholder.”

Stenson understood as he said, “I see.”

Xu Cheng: “Just tell him that it’s me, or the CEO will dilute shares and sell it to you. Don’t rip him off too much and make a reasonable acquisition according to the market price.”

President Yu was eager to find a patron to join the company, but he was afraid that Xu Cheng wasn’t interested in his small company, so he had not asked. If Xu Cheng wanted, he would not refuse at all. Xu Cheng was only going to acquire it for Lin Chuxue, and so he really didn’t look into the profit.

“Then I’ll be heading there now,” Stenson said as he stood up and prepared to leave.

He took a few steps but he couldn’t help but turn around and say to Xu Cheng, “Boss, Senator Jerry is going to run for the election.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “What are you trying to say?”

Stenson said, “He seems to know that you’re behind the Mandala Lab, and his assistant came over to me and asked if I needed political asylum for the lab. He seems to know that someone has been eyeing Mandala Lab lately.”

“Interesting.” Xu Cheng laughed. “He’s planning to get on the bandit ship then?”

Stenson said, “I think so, I heard that the people who supported his election before had withdrawn their funds after he was diagnosed with cancer. He also spent most of his funds on the cure, so he’s a little underfunded to come out for another election this time.”

“What’s your opinion?” Xu Cheng asked.

“The M Nation has always had two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. As for his social influence, he’s probably just a side runner for the election.” Stenson continued, “My opinion is that even if you support his political stance, maybe don’t support Congressman Jerry.”

Xu Cheng agreed with him on this analysis, but he said, “I’m sure you know what kind of financial group is behind the other two forces. Do you think we will not be eaten down to our bones if we throw ourselves in there?”

Stenson remembered something and said, “It’s true Boss. They found out that I have access to a huge amount of funds and assets and want to get to know you. The councillors of both the Republicans as well as the Democrats had their assistants look for me, wanting you to join their group.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

Xu Cheng and his information were no problem, nor were the funds. They were real and in a capitalistic society, everyone would respect you based on how much money there was in your pockets. Aside from the hidden identity as the Mandala Lab’s principle investigator, just owning the two casinos in the M Nation worth 11 billion was enough for him to be considered at the top of the pyramid.

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