Chapter 650: Why Do I Feel Like This Is a Pyramid Scheme (Part One)

Stenson wondered if there was a mistake in the script, because Benjamin’s lines shouldn’t have sounded this low!

He smacked his lips and said with uncertainty, “I mean, there must be some big corporation behind Boss. For example, there are the Rothschild and Logan financial groups in N.A., and they have even stronger forces behind them! I think Boss is really capable and should at least be the middle or higher-tier members within some legendary organization, but … what the hell is the Deviant Corp?”

Benjamin crossed his legs and smoked his cigarette as he patiently waited for Stenson to finish. “What are you trying to say?”

Stenson shrugged his shoulders. “I thought Boss would be like Morgan or Rossford. Even if he’s Asian, he could belong to some Asian financial group. I heard of Mitsubishi, Mitsui and Three Star, but forgive me, I’ve actually never heard of anything like the Deviant Corp that belong to any big organizations. I studied financial management, and in the M Nation, someone in economics could not be a qualified manager if they don’t know any financial groups or Rothschild. So, with my professional background, I’ve really never heard of the Deviant Corp.”

Benjamin blew out a puff of smoke. “Yes, it’s true that the Deviant Corp are unknown, didn’t I just say that? You are the first member in N.A., and you should feel honored.”

“Indeed.” Stenson grinned.

“I know you’re probably a little disappointed.” Benjamin said, “Big Brother Cheng also asked me to bring a word to you: do you want to be a trailblazing leader, or do you want to follow someone else’s path? We never force anyone to join us, it’s all based on our own will. Maybe this is how it is today, but in the future, not everyone can join us even if they want to. Even if it was some president of a country, we won’t even let them join.”

Stenson asked, “And how many members do we have as of today?”

Benjamin: “That’s not something you can know, just remember that being able to join the Deviant Corp means that Big Brother Cheng has taken you as one of his own, and you can use our resources as a member for any future needs and dangers.”

Stenson: “And how does Big Brother Cheng fit within this organization?”

Benjamin: “You don’t have to know that either. To be more exact, with your current membership, you can’t really enter the core of the the Deviant Corp yet, but we’ll look into you, and if you can make good relations with Senator Jerry this time and make a name in the political circles, you’ll be promoted to a Level 5 member, which is equivalent to a council member.”

 Stenson narrowed his eyes. “So, can I know the hierarchy?”

“Yes.” Benjamin took out a picture with a hand covering the earth. “This is the Deviant Corp symbol, and it’s currently a 12-level council. Using angel wings as a hierarchy, level one is a one-winged angel, and level 12 has 12 wings.”

“Angels?” Stenson pondered for a bit. “I remember every organization should be founded with a purpose, and that represents their vision. Does an angel mean peace then? It seems that Boss is far more kind than I thought he would be, I thought he would be a true conqueror!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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