Chapter 651: Lin Chuxue Got Humiliated (Part One)

– The next day –

Xu Cheng woke up alone, and Lin Chuxue had already gone to accompany Auntie Lan.

Auntie Lan didn’t have any relatives in her life; she was an orphan who got treated like a maid of the Ye Family. So apart from her business partners, the only relatives to speak of would be Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue.

Therefore, Lin Chuxue had to go and accompany her until the wedding was over.

After Xu Cheng had taken a shower and changed his clothes, Ye Xiu and Zhou Xiaoming were already waiting outside of the villa.

When they saw Xu Cheng come out, Zhou Xiaoming let Xu Cheng take the passenger seat.

As Xu Cheng sat down, Zhou Xiaoming shouted urgently, “Big Brother.”

“Stop. I agreed to Ye Xiu calling me brother, but what kind of brother are you?”

Zhou Xiaoming smacked his lips. “We are after today. Isn’t Auntie Lan your aunt? She’ll be my aunt soon, and we’ll be related, won’t we?”

“Guess that seems right.” Xu Cheng wondered.

“That’s right.” Ye Xiu rolled his eyes at him and drove off to the wedding ceremony.

Since it was the wedding for the third son of the Zhou Family, and also based on the two newly-weds’ opinion that they didn’t want to do a big event, the wedding was held at a relatively good hotel.

Although the ceremony and hotel weren’t considered to be very high leveled, the scene was definitely big considering that half of the dignitaries in Yanjing attended.

Old master Ye and Old Master Zhou were the hosts of the wedding, so who would dare to not attend?

Even if the wedding was low-key, it still came with enough issues for the hotel. The parking space was insufficient, and the guests all had to park on the side of the road in a long line, with all kinds of special licenses for their Audi A6s to Audi A8s and even to red flag military vehicles.

Lin Chuxue was wearing a light blue dress that showed her back, exposing her pale and perfect milky skin; the tight dress wrapped around her, accentuating her waist line perfectly. She was top class as she stood in front of the hotel waiting for Xu Cheng to come, and her chic charisma was definitely a beautiful scenery.

Many of the noble men there were stunned.

“This woman looks familiar, huh? She’s beautiful!”

“A familiar face would be right. She’s Lin Chuxue, don’t you know the four flowers of the entertainment industry? But she’s not in the circle anymore, I gotta say that she’s really beautiful.”

“An actor showing up here today, don’t tell me she’s here to sing, is she?”


Those other young talents all came over to Lin Chuxue one by one with hunting thoughts. In their eyes, they saw Lin Chuxue as someone who was here to sing for the ceremony. They never had the chance to ask Lin Chuxue out before, and now it was their chance. No matter what, they wouldn’t let this woman go easily, and they had all the means to do so.

The first time Lin Chuxue saw four or five young men in suits coming towards her, she didn’t take it seriously; but who knew that all of them started to surround her in a circle.

The four or five of them scanned Lin Chuxue’s curvy body, and there was a kind of fire burning in their eyes.

“Princess Snow really lives up to her name. I’ve only seen you walking around Shangcheng before, but now that I’ve seen you in person, I can say that you are indeed worthy to be one of the four flowers, tsk tsk.”

Someone praised Lin Chuxue as his gaze scanned her body up and down. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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