Chapter 653: Zhou Zhen Takes Over (Part One)

Zeng Jiang didn’t expect that a person he had no contact with would actually have such a big background; when he saw that even Elder Zhou had come forward, he felt that the situation could no longer be contained and there were signs of collapse.

“Elder Zhou, you…” He knew that he was not qualified to plead with Elder Zhou.

He could only come forward to Zhou Zhen with another plea and smile bitterly. “Zhou, it’s me who has eyes but couldn’t see. Could you help me to convince Elder Zhou to retract his words?”

Zhou Zhen snorted. “Let me ask you, how are you going to deal with this? I’ve waited so long to plan this wedding, and you pull this crap now. How am I supposed to face my wife now that you did this to me? I’m telling you, today your son has really smashed our Zhou Family’s event. My father who has not interfered with affairs for decades, had to come out today to defend someone younger. Do you know how much trouble your son has caused? Let me warn you before Elder Ye’s here, that Elder Ye loves this nephew Xu Cheng, and he is even more protective of him than my father. You just wait.”

Zeng Jiang was almost kneeling having heard that Elder Ye would be involved as well.

Together, the two families could really drive their Zeng Family out of Yanjing to the borders.

Therefore, he couldn’t afford to provoke them nor touch them, and shouldn’t have dared to show temper either. But today, if this matter didn’t get resolved, then it would mean a bigger loss for the Zhou Family, which was something he also couldn’t afford.

Zeng Jiang gritted his teeth, turned around and walked over; he looked at his son who was lying on the ground screaming in pain, and kicked him with a foot. “Are you dead, if not, stand up and apologize.”

Huan knew that things were a bit big when Zhou Zhen and Elder Zhou came out to do justice, so he lifted his broken wrist with one hand, stood up, and walked to Xu Cheng and bowed his head. “I’m sorry.”

Xu Cheng snorted coldly at him. “Is it embarrassing to apologize to a woman?”

Huan then came to Lin Chuxue’s side and bowed. “I’m sorry that I’ve offended you in any way. Please forgive me.”

“What! Did you not eat?” Zeng Jiang yelled when he saw how his son’s apology sounded weak; they had to make a show for the Zhou Family.

“I’m sorry!” Huan bowed to Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue again, this time with a loud apology.

But Xu Cheng said word for word, “What I just saw was five people surrounding my wife, so know your places and live up to it.”

The other four people were trembling in the crowd, and as they got picked out by Xu Cheng, they quickly ran over in an agitated manner and bowed in apology just like Huan.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

They all apologized in fear because with their level; if their leader Huan were like this, then their families wouldn’t even need to wait for Elder Zhou to point them out, and they would be squished like ants. So they knew they had no choice but to apologize, since they were not even at the level to be able to have a conversation with Elder Zhou.

But if apologies were useful, then why would we need the law for?

If this was the Land of Mercenaries, Xu Cheng would have already killed these five people. But no, this was a country, and they were also in the Zhou Family territory, so they had to give Grandpa Zhou face.

Zhou Zhen could tell that Lin Chuxue did not want to forgive these people. These kinds of gangsters would bully the weak and be afraid of the strong. They could kneel down at you with a smiley face and will turn their backs on you at any second. Besides, if she could forgave them from just their apologies after she got harassed, then that would not really be Lin Chuxue’s character.

He wasn’t a saint, and he did not feel like forgiving the humiliating words they had said to a woman.

Zhou Zhen directly came forward, kicked the four of them onto the ground, and took out his belt to whip onto their body.

“How dare you make trouble at my wedding, you’re very daring. Come here, I’ll teach you for your parents!”

Those four guys saw that it was Zhou Zhen who moved, and so they all endured the pain, not daring to fight back. They rolled around on the ground, and Zhou Zhen did not hold back his strength as he whipped them hard a dozen times and roared, “Get the hell out!”   (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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