Chapter 654: Told You This Kid Was Like A Monkey (Part One)

After Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng followed Zhou Zhen inside, all the guests were chit chatting about what happened outside and how they didn’t think Elder Zhou would step up for Lin Chuxue.

Elder Zhou had never involved himself in any problems, so how he stood out this time was a good signal to everyone that Lin Chuxue was not just an actress in the entertainment industry, but someone with a background.

In fact, as long as she added Xu Cheng’s wife to her title, it would be enough to protect her whether she was in Yanjing or outside, since Xu Cheng’s reputation was becoming more well known. The older generation would have heard it from the five seniors, and most of those who are somewhat capable know the relationship between Xu Cheng and these five seniors. It was just very puzzling that Lin Chuxue was actually Xu Cheng’s wife, and so it could only be counted towards bad luck that the Zeng Family offended her on such an occasion. For someone to be invited over to participate in this wedding meant that they were not simple, but those five younger generation people were too arrogant and bad mannered.

“No wonder no one in the entertainment industry dared to ask Lin Chuxue out. Gosh, that’s a solid background there,” a young man said.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that someone as low key as her would actually be married to Xu Cheng. No wonder she didn’t have any scandals and didn’t show any interest in other men.”

“Luckily I messed with the other artists instead of her. Zeng Huan is definitely out of luck this time; his wrist was broken and his father didn’t dare to let out a single fart afterwards.”

“If your dad was in this situation, you’ll have to just live and accept your broken hand and now be able to do anything about it. Oh well, after all, he was the one touching the wrong person, and now we know it was the same as touching a tiger’s a*s.”

“No wonder. I was wondering why she wanted to quit the entertainment industry; it’s because of her relationship with Xu Cheng, and gosh she hid it so deep.”

Xu Cheng heard all of their discussions as Lin Chuxue sat down by his side; at that table, they were the first to arrive. Not long after, Elder Nie, Elder Zhou, and Elder Guo all entered the scene right before the wedding was to start, and after greeting the guests, they sat down at the same table where Xu Cheng was sitting.

Lin Chuxue was very conscientious about giving up her seat and was ready to make way to the other ladies’ area to find a place to sit.

But Xu Cheng suddenly pulled Lin Chuxue’s wrist and said, “Sit down.”

Lin Chuxue looked at the three elderly and then at Xu Cheng in a dilemma, but she still knew that she did not qualify to sit here, so she wanted to break away from Xu Cheng’s hand to not make a fool of themselves.

However, Xu Cheng did not let go, and instead he turned to the three of them. “Grandpas, she is my wife. Let me introduce her to you all, this is Lin Chuxue.”

Elder Zhou didn’t say anything, but it was Elder Nie who had a strong aura and asked Lin Chuxue, “Are you sure you want to sit here?”

Lin Chuxue’s body trembled as all three of them had a powerful and suppressing aura.

Aside from them in this table, all the other seats were at least five meters apart.

Xu Cheng spoke up, “Seven years ago, she was like a princess and I was a foster child; at that time, she was willing to marry me and come to Huaxia. Four years ago, she had a skyrocketing career as Lin Chuxue, and I was a soldier. She chose not to divorce me and did not betray our marriage in this entertainment industry, which as you all know is filled with all sorts of people. Now that I am famous, do you think, with my character, I would divorce my wife?”

Having heard Xu Cheng’s words, Lin Chuxue’s struggling hands suddenly relaxed, and she then directly sat on her chair. She felt that Xu Cheng’s words were directed to her, and reminding her that his heart and feelings remained unchanged!

They were childhood sweethearts and had been together no matter what. But why was it that as Xu Cheng’s social status grew higher and higher, the things she had to worry about grew more and more? Wouldn’t that kill the tacit understanding between them?   (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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