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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 655.1

Chapter 655: Xu Cheng’s Intentions (Part One)

The wedding finally took place, and the bride entered with Elder Ye as they walked down the long red carpet from the hotel entrance.

Lan Ting was in a wedding dress and had the old man in her arm as they slowly walked inside.

The old man has fully recovered after being treated by Xu Cheng, and he could even run, not to mention this leisurely walk.

He looked more than cheerful as if his own daughter was getting married, except he actually didn’t have any daughters. He took Lan Ting as a family and he was a bit sad to let her go. If it wasn’t because of Zhou Zhen’s consistent pursuit, he might have kept Lan Ting for longer.

However, he couldn’t hold off on his goddaughter’s life; after all, Lan Ting was over forty years old, and Zhou Zhen was also an old bachelor, so the two were quite a fit for each other.

When the old man delivered Lan Ting’s hand into Zhou Zhen’s hand, he glared at him and said, “If Little Ting is wronged by your Zhou family, I won’t look for you; I’ll directly look for Old Zhou to settle the score.”

“How could I, Dad. It will only be Lan Ting bullying me, how would I datre to bully her. Don’t forget that she’s still a multi-billionaire.” Zhou Zhen smiled bitterly.

He then took Lan Ting’s hand and went on stage, letting the host continue the wedding ceremony.

Elder Ye also came up on stage to say something to the groom on behalf of the bride’s family.

After that, it was Elder Zhou who came on stage to speak and gave his blessing to the couple.

Once the five seniors were seated, Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue toasted with them as a formal introduction and acknowledgement of her joining the family.

Afterwards, Xu Cheng took Lin Chuxue to the table where Ye Xiu and the others were seated. Zhou Xiaoming, as the master of the Zhou Family today, felt somewhat sorry for Lin Chuxue so he stood up to make a seat for Lin Chuxue as he said enthusiastically, “Sister-in-law, sit here.”

Lin Chuxue smiled generously and elegantly as she directly sat down, with Xu Cheng who sat beside her.

Guo Xiaoming poured himself a cup of white liquor, and as self-punishment, he said, “Sister-in-law, today’s matter can’t be blamed entirely on my uncle, but also on my negligence in not arranging things properly. I poured this cup of liquor as self-punishment, so please don’t be angry, you two. In the future, if someone is rude to you in Yanjing like today, just call me and I’ll rush to the scene!”

“Uncle Zhou has already apologized, so it would seem like I’m being preposterous if you apologize again.” Lin Chuxue also lifted her cup as she made a toast with him and smiled.

Guo Xiaoming grinned. “I’ll finish the cup, and you can do whatever.”

Guo Rong also stood up after and said.

“Sister-in-law, I’ll drink a toast to you, I’ve heard Ye Xiu talk about Big Brother Cheng’s wife being you before, and we still don’t believe that he actually succeeded with his looks?”

Ye Xiu: “The first time I found out about this, I also didn’t believe it. I think it was when Big Brother Cheng was in England fighting with Kalan. It was a live stream and she appeared in the camera. Let me tell you, that everyone who watched that live stream was heart broken; it was a huge shock to all the single gentlemen there!”

Lin Chuxue smiled as she looked at Xu Cheng and then at Guo Rong as she made a toast with him as well.

Then Xing Yuan stood up and also raised his glass. “Come, sister-in-law, I’ll toast you.”

Nie Hui also stood up and smiled. “Sister-in-law, you can drink however much you want. Like what Xiaoming said, in the future, if you have anything you need help with, you can find us. We’ll never hesitate about it.”

After Lin Chuxue clicked cups with each one of them, she was considered to have made a formal entry into one of Xu Cheng’s circles in Yanjing.

Zhou Xiaoming saw that the toasts were almost over, so he smiled and asked Xu Cheng, “Big Brother Cheng, aren’t you going to tell us how you managed to successfully court our sister-in-law in the first place?”

“Don’t ask,” Xu Cheng pretended to be impatient. “I have already answered this question no less than a dozen times, almost everyone’s wondering how the hell I got to date Little Xue. I’m wondering, if flowers could grow out of cow dung, then why am I not good enough for her?”

They all laughed out.

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