Chapter 656: We All Make Money Together (Part One)

Many people had come over at Xu Cheng’s table to make a toast to him, but since Ye Xiu and the others were present, they could not just ignore them. More than that, they had been looking for an opportunity to strike up a conversation with Xu Cheng ever since they had heard about his excellent medical skills. However, Xu Cheng had always lived quietly and rarely participated in any social gathering.

This was deeply loved by the five seniors, because it meant that he was not arrogant and knew how to stay low. This showed that he was in a different state of mind than his peers.

However, due to this, the people who wanted to make a connection with him felt that he was a little bit out of reach, so when they saw Xu Cheng attending the meeting today, they all came over to toast so that they could more or less get to know him better.

Once they were all gone, Xu Cheng wondered, “I am not an official, I am not in politics, and I am not even in this country often, so why are these people here to make a toast with me? Shouldn’t they be sucking up to the five of you first?”

Ye Xiu took a sip of wine and smiled. “Brother, it’s not like they’re after your relationship with the five elders. Maybe some of them have that motive, but some of the men who came over today are on the same level as my father, so they don’t need to do that. In the end, they came to show you some face, not because of your background, but because you have superb medical skills.”

The other four including Zhou Xiaoming nodded and said, “Look at Elder Ye and my old man, which one of them didn’t have a personal assistant and medical staff accompanying them everyday back then? Look at them now, the five of them walking like the wind, and that group of doctors have to try every day to find something wrong with them to cure. They are hoping that someday they could actually get back to work as doctors. Yet, in the last six months, the old men just live younger by the day, and those secretaries and medical staff were all laid off. Stories have it, and you don’t even need any advertising of your skills, the five of them are your living advertisements. So they approach you not because of your relationship with the five of them, but because of your medical skills.”

Xu Cheng said, “Then why won’t they inquire about how hard it is to find this medicine of mine?”

Ye Xiu laughed. “Surely they know. Otherwise I would have gone and begged my sister-in-law to get some of it. Not for me of course, but for my mother.”

At this point, the other four all looked at Xu Cheng with hope and they all smiled as if they wanted to say more. “Big Brother Cheng ……”

Xu Cheng waved his hands quickly. “Stop right there. That medicine didn’t just come out of nowhere. To be honest, the only bottle I had left was originally reserved for my wife, but you should have heard about what happened, right? Uncle Zhou protected Aunt Lan but his face was destroyed, so he actually used this last bottle, and I really don’t have any left.”

Zhou Xiaoming smiled. “Big Brother Cheng, I’m not asking you to give me some right away. 10 years is fine, if you can develop it in 10 years, I beg you, I want to leave it for my dad.”

The others also nodded their heads. “Big Brother Cheng, you can’t have a bias just because you’re close to Zhou Xiaoming, you have to consider us as well. We don’t ask for more, we also just want one bottle each, and 10 years is also fine. Please Big Brother Cheng.”

Xu Cheng thought about it as he tapped his finger on the table and said, “10 years is not impossible, but there is one thing I want to work with you guys here. I need to work with all five of you, every one of you. We can earn money together.”

The five of them all became interested. “Tell us. It’s not illegal, is it?”

“You think I’ve got that big of a gut?” Xu Cheng glared at them. “Do you guys know about the Mandala Lab?”

“Mandala?” Ye Xiu and the others were shocked. “The first in the world to develop a cure for cancer and live-streamed it to save Mr. Hawking’s life?”

“Right.” Xu Cheng said straightforwardly, “I can tell you guys directly that it’s my studio.”

Ye Xiu smiled. “I guessed it already, because during the live broadcast, the medicine looked similar to the one given to grandpa. But brother, what does that have to do with you working with us?”

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