Chapter 657: Battle Between The Ladies (Part One)

Lin Chuxue followed Elder Ye as they went around the banquet and toasted at more than a hundred tables. Of course, the ones they toasted had to drink all the wine up, while Elder Ye and Lin Chuxue didn’t need to do so; they couldn’t or else they wouldn’t be able to make it to so many tables.

Lin Chuxue found that a woman from a certain table was rather interesting.

She was around the same age

as her, about twenty-four or twenty-five years old with a straight bob-cut to

the shoulders, and she looked very neat and beautiful.

Lin Chuxue was sure she had never seen this woman before, but she felt hostility from this woman’s eyes.

It was an inexplicable hostility, which could only be detected between women with their sixth sense.

When she saw that this woman was sitting at the table that belonged to the Xing Family, Lin Chuxue immediately guessed that she should be the granddaughter that Elder Xing was talking about.

“This is the first time since childhood that a man has rejected me.” After she came over to make a toast with Lin Chuxue, her gaze subconsciously landed on Xu Cheng, who was sitting with the elderly. She sounded confident and said self-assuredly, “But I think it’s because he doesn’t know me well enough, or more like he hasn’t met me yet.”

Having said that, she then turned to Lin Chuxue, and their eyes met with a kind of hostility as she said, “You’re even more beautiful than I thought you were.”

“Thank you.” Lin Chuxue accepted her compliment.

“But do you think that beauty is everything?” she suddenly changed her attitude and asked Lin Chuxue directly.

She then continued, “I’ve read your profile, a talented girl with musical strength and acting skills side by side. However, someone like you who is used to going out and being served by assistants, do you know how to take care of a man?”


When Lin Chuxue understood

what was behind her words, she smiled and did not want to escalate the

situation; because it was to be an elegant confrontation between the two.

“How should I address you?”

“My name is Xing Zhener. As my name suggests, I work with criminal investigation. You don’t need to introduce yourself, investigating you is also part of my job,” Xing Zhener said straightforwardly.

Strong character!

That was one of the first impressions Lin Chuxue had thought about this woman upon their first conversation, and she was decisive, forthright, yet sharp, as if she was examining a criminal.

“Miss Xing seems to have some opinions about me?”

“Do I?” Xing Zhener did not deny it. “Perhaps, but I just want to see what kind of woman can make Xu Cheng reject a woman like me with such a good family background. To be honest, ever since childhood, the number of people coming to my family to propose marriage could crush the doorstep, but I have never really met a man who would reject me and did not even take a look at me properly when I took the initiative to court him instead.”

“Actually, I can answer this question in place of my husband.” Lin Chuxue smiled. “It’s not to say that there are men in the world who are more capable and more handsome than my husband, but even if they come after me, I won’t even look at them in the right eye. The reason being the same, because a lover’s eyes can’t tolerate a trace of sand.”

Xing Zhener: “That’s why I’m wondering, which quality of yours attracted him to be willing to give up such a wonderful opportunity? Honestly, if he was willing to marry me, he could move up the ranks in this country from his current position, and with me as his companion, he could be very successful. I wonder if you’re acting with him as well? You’re the one who’s won the best actress award.”

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