Chapter 657: Battle Between The Ladies (Part Two)  

“No wonder you’re working in criminal investigation, you have a big imagination. However, there’s one thing I need to tell you: where do you think acting comes from? Life is like a play, and a play is like life. An old actor once said, when you can’t cry and can’t act, there’s nothing to teach, but they can only try to try to manually bring you into the situation to get you engaged. How can someone be truly engaged? That would be to slap you in the face and make you cry for real. Only when you experience pain, you’ll be able to cry; and similarly, only under the same touching situation will the acting be natural. My acting all comes from what happened to me and my life, and all of that has to do with my husband.”

“Miss Xing, I know that your self-esteem received a blow in this rejection, but I want to tell you that Xu Cheng may not be suitable for you.” Lin Chuxue continued, “Perhaps you are better than me in all aspects, and you come from a decent family, and perhaps you could help Xu Cheng in politics, social status, and literatures, so that’s why you have questioned me on this point, but there is one thing that I have and no one else has.”

Xing Zhener: “What is it?”

“A thorough understanding of Xu Cheng.” Lin Chuxue had an elegant and confident smile. “I have experienced the darkness of his childhood and the up and downs of his life. It has been a rough ride, so only I understand what he wants. You’re right, I don’t have your resources to give him anything more, but what you can offer him, he is able to fight for that himself and he will get what he wants. In fact, he does not need his woman to be strong, nor for her to be thoughtful in every way; who he wants is just someone who can understand him and appreciate everything he does. That at times when things quiet down, there’s a woman who will listen to his stories.”

Xing Zhener stared at Lin

Chuxue for a long time and finally spoke up, “Grandpa told me that you’re

not as simple as you look. After seeing you today, I’ve certainly

underestimated you, you’re not just a pretty vase.”

Lin Chuxue smiled and held

up her glass as she followed Elder Ye to the next table.

After Xing Zhener sat down,

her naïve sister sneered. “What are you doing talking to her like that?

They’re already married, and you’re the third party with a reason?”

Xing Zhener glared at her

own sister. “Do you think I’m that shameless? This is a matter of dignity,

I was so ruthlessly rejected for the first time. That Xu Cheng did not even

look at me, he didn’t even know who Xing Zhener was and he refused me. His

behavior and attitude were also saying that there was no room for discussion.

As someone’s who’s part of the act, it would not be a smart move if I was to

confront him. So, what is the most clever technique? It’s to compare with his

wife and crush her down comprehensively, making this man feel that who he cares

about is inferior to me! That’s the smartest way to counter the humiliation.

What do you know, kid?”

 “I don’t know

what’s going on in your criminal investigation brain.” Her sister said,

“So did you just win or lose?”  

Xing Zhener coughed.

“What do you think? Of course, no win nor lose.”

Meanwhile, Xing Zhener’s father took a sip of white wine and smiled slightly. “You went to humiliate her, but instead you were told by Miss Lin that you don’t know how to love. You haven’t lost yet? Your IQ is high, but your EQ isn’t enough to step on Miss Lin.”

“Dad!” Xing Zhener called out angrily.

Her sister: “This is the most embarrassing fight I’ve seen with a third wheel losing to the real wife. You should’ve not jumped out at all and continued being a stranger, really.”

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