Chapter 658. Lin Dong Returns Home (Part One)

A plane from the M Nation to Huaxia landed in Shangcheng.

Lin Dong came out of the airport wearing sunglasses and his brother Lin Hu came over to pick him up. Lin Dong hadn’t seen his family for a long time and his heart felt warm when he saw Lin Hu.


“Good boy, it’s been half a year, and you’ve stretched out and grew even bigger. Oh man, you look like a tough person.” Lin Hu was very surprised that after only half a year of not seeing Lin Dong, he grew a size bigger. He was only 18 when he left, just at the growth spurt age, and many things had happened. Even though his capabilities after Xu Cheng’s genetic fusion serum didn’t appear yet, his physical capabilities were way better than the average person, not to mention the kinds of people in the Deviant Corp. Mario, for example, had trained him every day on building a stronger body, so how could he not be one size up.

After getting into the car, Lin Dong sat in the seat looking at the dynamic views of the S City and asked, “Are Mom and Dad alright?”

“Of course, since you’re not home to piss them off,” Lin Hu teased and laughed.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly. “It was my ignorance in the past.”

“Yo, that’s not easy to admit. You really did learn something from your master, now that you actually took the initiative to admit your mistake.” Lin Hu was surprised as he looked at his brother from the rearview mirror. He had been feeling that something changed, and whether it was the temperament or the personality, it seemed like he had matured.

Could one not change while growing up?

He even experienced the baptism of war; first he helped deal with the four Mexican Gangs to take care of the casino, and then he followed Xu Cheng to the Land of Mercenaries to conquer it. Although he was only responsible for logistics, he had seen and experienced a lot, so he was not the rebellious teenager from half a year ago.

Meanwhile at home, knowing that Lin Dong was going to come back and stay for a while, Lin Han and his wife went ahead of time to book the day off; they left everything behind and prepared a good meal at home. Once Lin Dong’s mother saw Lin Hu’s vehicle come through, she missed him so much that she opened her arms and rushed over to hold Lin Dong who just showed his head.

“I missed you so much. Let me see, I haven’t seen my little Dong since half a year ago. Geez, you’ve grown up a lot and got stronger. It looks like you had a good life, only your skin became a bit more tanned.”

Lin Han: “It’s nothing for a man to be tan, just don’t be a sissy.”

“Dad, Mom, why are you guys still out here waiting for me ? Let’s go in together.” Lin Dong’s eyes turned slightly red.

“Hurry inside, the food is getting cold.” Mother Lin pulled Lin Dong towards their home.

At the table, Lin Dong served his parents rice before sitting down, an action that slightly stunned his mother.

Lin Dong saw that the looks in their eyes were a bit odd, so he slowly said, “In the future, I won’t be at home for a long time, so I’m taking advantage of the time to be more filial to you. Don’t just look at me, eat.”

Lin Dong gulped down his rice, in total contrast to the previous Lin Dong who never had an appetite. Now, Lin Dong had appreciation for everything; after eating compressed dry food abroad, he really felt it was a good choice to return home.

Lin Dong’s mom looked at him wolfing down the food. “Kid, slow down. No one’s fighting over it with you; if it’s not enough, I’ll have the maid make more of it for you.”

“Don’t, that’s enough. Don’t be too wasteful.” Lin Dong hurriedly waved his hand, as the bowl and chopsticks didn’t stop.

His mother was particularly heartbroken at the scene. “What exactly did your master do to you? It hurts me to see you like this as a mother.”

“Woman!” Lin Han scolded, “Can’t you see that Little Dong has grown up? I think that Mr. Xu is a capable person, you see this child has become responsible after only half a year.”

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