Chapter 658. Lin Dong Returns Home (Part Two)

Lin Dong picked up things using his chopsticks, and after he had eaten and drank enough, he took a toothpick and picked his teeth as he smacked his lips and said, “It was the right decision to choose to go with Master to practice. If Dad did not insist on me training under him, I would have regretted it for the rest of this life. Mom, your son is now living a very fulfilling life, so you do not have to worry. Master is indeed a capable person. He’s got some extraordinary abilities, and I think I found the right path. In the future, I will probably be mostly abroad to help with his work, so this time, I took the advantage of dropping by here to see you two because in the future, I won’t be so free.”

Lin Hu: “What do you do for your master?”

Lin Dong smiled. “The main reason I came back this time is to register a company and launch it in the domestic market.”

Lin Hu was more realistic and direct: “How many shares will be given to you? How much is the investment?”

Lin Dong laughed. “What shares do I need? I’m satisfied with just hanging out with him; besides, my master never treats me badly.”

Lin Hu: “He just needs to give you food, shelter, and clothing and you’re set? If you don’t have shares, how will you run your business if you have to go out on your own? There’s no money at home for you to start a business.”

“Hu!” Lin Han and his wife couldn’t listen anymore. This older brother was keeping an eye on the younger brother so that he doesn’t take his property.

If it was the old Lin Dong, he would have retorted back at the two of them for yelling at each other, but now, he wasn’t that childish.

“Brother, don’t think too much. I won’t ask you for a penny.”

Lin Hu explained, “Little Dong, I don’t mean it like that. In the future, if you want pocket money or whatever, you can feel free to talk to me, but at home, you must also know that the family business has already been sold. Mom and Dad are also old, so I’ve put 200 million aside for their use. I decided to start another company, so there is no way I can offer you more funds. Do you understand? “

“I know. Don’t worry Brother, I really don’t care about this little amount of money at home.” Lin Dong smiled slightly.

“How is two hundred million a small amount of money in your mouth?” Lin Hu gushed, “You brat, you’ve only been abroad for half a year, and you’re back with such a big mouth.”

Lin Han was also curious: “Little Dong, he sent you to get the company started, does your master have money? You’re going to start a multi-million dollar company? Do you want me to put in some shares?”

“Don’t, Master doesn’t like people meddling in his affairs.” Lin Dong waved his hands “You don’t have to worry about that, I will stay here for a while until I finish and head back to the M Nation.”

Lin Hu didn’t mind. “I understand. Of course, you wouldn’t want others to know about this kind of investment. If he is short of money, tell me. My project definitely has potential; when the funds are back in, you can just ask me.”

Lin Hu was still a very strong and prideful person; at the end of the day, he still wanted his younger brother to rely on him. As for his master, Lin Hu still held a small amount of prejudice against him. That is, he felt that this person was very pretentious and a little unreliable.

Especially now that his young brother Lin Dong said something mysterious, he felt that maybe Mr. Xu was doing something that couldn’t be publicly discussed, or that it too small of an investment to be talked about?

Lin Dong nodded. “We’ll see about that.”

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