Chapter 659: Construction of the Mandala Factory (Part One)

Lin Hu wanted to set an example for Lin Dong, so after he took over the family’s funds, he planned to start a business again and make it big. By then, he could get his brother to join him. In fact, after Lin Dong went with Xu Cheng, he was somewhat looking forward to him coming back defeated so he could make fun of him.

How could Lin Dong not know his brother’s prejudiced thoughts? He just didn’t care and laughed it off.

That was when his phone rang.

Lin Dong looked at his phone, and recognized that it was Ye Xiu’s number, which he had memorized before, so he picked up. “Hello, Uncle Ye.”

“You’ve arrived home to see your parents, right?”

“Yes, I have.” Lin Dong smiled.

“Well then, come over to the biggest business club in the city center and I’ll introduce you to a few people.”

“Okay, sorry to trouble you, Uncle Ye.”

Ye Xiu: “What trouble, this is something that Big Brother Cheng has arranged and we also have the shares. If I don’t do it myself then it doesn’t feel right to take the dividends. Hurry over.”

“Okay, I’ll come over now,” said Lin Dong as he hung up the phone.

“Mom, Dad, and Brother, my master’s brother came to S City and I have to go meet him for something urgent. I have to leave now and I’ll probably return in the evening depending on the situation.” Lin Dong wiped his mouth and stood up as he got ready to leave.

“You kid, you just came home and before the seat has even warmed up yet, you’re going out again. ” His mother rolled her eyes at him.

Lin Dong smiled and turned around to kiss his mother on the cheek. “Mom you’re the best.”

Only then did his mother smile like a flower and let go of Lin Dong.

“I’ll drop you off since you sold your old car already,” said Lin Hu.

Lin Dong nodded. They walked out and got into Lin Hu’s car.

That was when Lin Hu’s phone rang.

When he saw the number, he quickly picked up and said in an amiable tone, “Hello Bureau Director Liu, this is Lin Hu. Yes, what’s the matter? It can’t get approval? Why? They have to check all kinds of credentials? Please. It’s been two months already. Are you free? I’d like to have coffee with you and talk about this investment. So when would you be free? Hello? Hello?”

Lin Hu was a little depressed when he heard the disconnect tone from his phone.

Lin Dong looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, not a big deal. I’ll drop you off first and deal with it later.” Lin Hu drove the car as he said to Lin Dong, “If your master’s not giving you any shares, then you might as well come home sooner or later. We can do business together.”

“Forget it. You’re the eldest son, so it’s only right for you to inherit the family business, I’d better find another job somewhere else,” said Lin Dong.

Lin Hu dropped him off at the top CEO business club in the city center according to the address Lin Dong gave. He knew the average cost of this club, so he took out a card from his bag and handed it to Lin Dong. “There’s 200K in the card, so you don’t embarrass yourself when you go in there. Take it.”

“Brother, it’s okay. I have a start-up fund from my master here.” Lin Dong returned the card and waved his hand at Lin Hu. “Go home, I’ll take a taxi when I’m done.”

Lin Hu didn’t push it further as he turned around and went to the city’s industrial and commercial bureau.

He went straight to the office of the person in charge of the High-Tech Development Zone project. He saw that Bureau Director Liu wasn’t there, so he asked the assistant.

“Hey, do you know where Bureau Director Liu is? I have something very urgent, I need to invest in a project and I want to talk to him.”

The assistant shook his head.

Lin Hu took out a gas card with a thousand-dollar limit from his wallet and placed it in front of his desk. “Please.”

The assistant looked up and said, “Bureau Director Liu went to discuss other investment projects.”

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