Chapter 659: Construction of the Mandala Factory (Part Two)

Lin Hu: “Do you know where he went?”

Assistant: “Looks like he went to that CEO business club.”

“Oh, thanks.” Lin Hu turned around and ran out in a hurry, and he quickly drove back to where the business club was.

He had a reason for being in a rush; Shangcheng was prepared to develop a high-tech area, and many investors had gone in advance to take a spot. He also wanted to join, and therefore he needed to pass the audit for the technical qualifications of the company in order to enter the market. Once he got in, anyone would be able to divide a piece of land for free, and once they started on that, even an inch of the land they owned would be worth its weight in gold. However, it had been several months since the review and they still hadn’t passed the audit; seeing that the spots were filling up, how could he not be in a rush?

In order to meet the qualifications for admission, he had invested tens of millions of yuan from his family’s fund into the company registration. He hired a lot of technologists and factories manufacturing semiconductor electrical appliances. Now that they had invested around seventy to eight million, they had to pass the audit and be admitted.

In fact, the spots were limited, and the audit was just an excuse because people used connections and the spots filled up quickly.

He had to meet with Bureau Director Liu who was the project manager, because all his investments would be wasted if the spots were filled up.

Lin Dong, who had gone a while ago, had followed the club’s manager and came directly to Room 888.

Ye Xiu was sitting inside with his legs crossed while smoking a cigarette, and there were a few middle-aged people sitting next to him, all chatting away.

“Little Dong is here, come over and sit down.” Ye Xiu called Lin Dong over and introduced him to a thick-browed middle-aged man. “Bureau Director Liu, this is the manager who established the Mandala Lab Huaxia Division in Shangcheng.”

Bureau Director Liu stood up and shook hands with Lin Dong. “Oh, the Mandala Lab is very famous, I didn’t think Mr. Lin would be willing to settle down here in Shangcheng. That’s great. As long as the product is excellent, we will give you the greenlight all the way.”

“We’ll have to trouble Bureau Director Liu in the future then.”

“No trouble, no trouble. We will take care of each other in the future, Shangcheng is behind on medicine compared to Yanjing. I believe the secretary will surely welcome the Mandala Lab’s entry into Shangcheng. Mr. Lin, don’t worry about the policies, we are very determined to get the Mandala Lab into the project and we will divide a piece of land for the Mandala Lab to build a factory. All the procedures and business licenses will be approved immediately after you guys provide some information.”

He then looked at Ye Xiu and smiled.  “Young Master Ye, you didn’t have to. You didn’t have to come here personally to arrange this kind of meeting, you could’ve just told us over the phone.”

Ye Xiu smiled.

He had to come today because he had to let those local pharmaceutical factories know who was behind the construction of the Mandala Factory, so it would prevent them from malpractice in business. With him stepping up, it probably solved a lot of trouble before they could even form.

With Ye Xiu stepping up, various troublesome procedures with the registration would be resolved in the most efficient way.

Lin Dong had brought the information and he handed it over to Bureau Director Liu. All they had to do was to wait for the certificate once it was logged into the system.

Meanwhile, in the public lobby of the club, Lin Hu was sitting on the sofa with his eyes staring at the elevators; he was waiting for Bureau Director Liu to come out, so he could find a way to be admitted even if he had to beg for it.

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