Chapter 660: Shock (Part One)

– Inside the clubhouse –

Bureau Director Liu and the others left first.

Ye Xiu looked at Lin Dong, who was almost 180cm in height like him and had a built body. “How exactly did Big Brother Cheng do this? You’ve become such a gangster in just six months! Tell me what’s been going on?”

Lin Dong: “Uncle Ye, why don’t you go ask my master? If he’s willing to tell you, then I’ll tell you, but don’t try to get anything from me if he doesn’t tell you.”

“Huh, you b*stard, I just gave you some benefits and you’re kicking away the ladder? You’re still the same, do you think I won’t make you tell me?” Ye Xiu rolled up his sleeves and pretended to look vicious. “Tell me. I’m just curious about what he did when he went to the Land of Mercenaries.”

Lin Dong kept his mouth shut.

“Fine, remember this, don’t come to me for help when you need me in the future,” Ye Xiu snorted.

He then pushed open the door and prepared to leave, and Lin Dong quickly followed him out together.

Meanwhile, Bureau Director Liu, who stepped out first, was ready to leave the clubhouse when he was stopped by Lin Hu. Lin Hu saw him coming out of the elevator, so he walked straight over as he took out a pack of cigarettes from his bag and quickly greeted Bureau Director Liu.

“Bureau Director Liu, how are you doing? Come, have a cigarette.”

Bureau Director Liu recognized Lin Hu and was a bit speechless. But it wasn’t easy to refuse when he saw the cigarette, so he took the cigarette and Lin Hu quickly offered to light it up for him.

“Oh Lin, I’ve told you everything I need to tell you, right?” Bureau Director Liu didn’t know what to say to him after taking a puff of smoke.

Lin Hu smiled and said, “Bureau Director Liu, why don’t we go sit on that sofa for a bit and let me debrief you on the situation?”

Bureau Director Liu saw that it was still early and nodded. “Alright, we can sit down for a while.”

“This way, Bureau Director Liu.” Lin Hu led him to the sofa and sat down. He then cleared his throat and said, “Bureau Director Liu, you see that my company has been audited for two months already. Which part are we stuck at?”

“Little Lin.” Liu Bureau said, trying to explain, “I’ll be honest with you. Shangcheng is a metropolis, and for this high-tech project, we do hope that large corporations can enter and drive the GDP. Your company’s overall strength, to be honest, would make it very difficult to proceed any further, so we gave those opportunities to the bigger corporations instead.”

“No, Bureau Director Liu, please listen to my analysis here. First, the purpose of the project is still to cultivate local companies, right? We are a locally emerging enterprise, and as for research and development, I have the funds. I have follow-up funds as well that can launch the products before the government deadline.  I am very sincere in this opportunity, Bureau Director Liu. Now that you’ve disqualified us, it’s like you’re choking my neck. Who am I supposed to ask for the initial starting funds back from? Please do us a favor, give us local companies some opportunities.”

“You were on the list of elimination based on a comprehensive qualification assessment from our meeting, so I didn’t make the decision alone.” Bureau Director Liu smiled bitterly.

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