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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 660.2

Chapter 660: Shock (Part Two)

Lin Hu was having a hard time. “Bureau Director Liu, it’s not easy for young people to start a business, so please help out for the sake of the younger generations’ dreams.”

Liu Bureau smiled. “I know it’s not easy for young people to start a business, that’s why I advised you to give up on entering the competition. The total investment of a 200 million project that you forecasted, we have evaluated in terms of the emerging electronics industry that it wouldn’t be worth anything. We are doing it for your own sake.”

Just when this happened, Ye Xiu walked out of the elevator with Lin Dong behind him.

Ye Xiu turned to Lin Dong and said, “Drop me off at the airport.”

Lin Dong: “Uncle Ye, I didn’t drive here; I don’t even have a car right now.”

Ye Xiu looked speechless as he turned around and pointed his finger at Lin Dong and scolded, “I’ll definitely complain to your master when I go back, is this how you treat me? I came all the way here to help you and your master said you were a sensible and reliable young man. Why don’t I think that of you?”

Lin Dong was about to reply when he saw his brother Lin Hu in the corner talking to someone.

He saw Lin Hu clasping his hands together with a pleading face as if he was begging someone.

He walked closer and realized that it was Bureau Director Liu who he was just talking to.

“Big Brother, what are you doing here?” Lin Dong asked Lin Hu curiously.

Lin Hu turned around and saw Lin Dong, so he said, “Doing business, are you done meeting with your guests?”

Bureau Director Liu looked at Lin Dong and then Lin Hu. He asked, “Are you two…?”

Lin Dong: “He’s my brother Lin Hu. Bureau Director Liu, what’s he so anxious about here?”

“It’s Mr. Lin’s brother. Oh, why didn’t you say so earlier? The city’s looking for investment, and Little Lin wants his company to be in it, but the spots are limited.”

Lin Dong nodded. “Bureau Director Liu, how about this: you could take away my share of the land and just give it to my brother’s company.”

Bureau Director Liu: “How could that work. That piece of land was meant for the Mandala Lab, and according to the current market price, it’s no problem at all if we’re bidding a few hundred millions in. It’s because of Mandala’s fame in the medical field that Shangcheng has allotted this land to you.”

Lin Dong: “I know, I’ll pay extra to buy it off, so just give my brother the spot.”

“You little b*stard, you’re spoiling your master’s money? If the government’s granting it to you, then just take it. You got too much money to spend, eh?” Ye Xiu, who had come over, glared at Lin Dong and looked at Bureau Director Liu as he said, “If it’s not troublesome or difficult, then give him a spot.”

Bureau Director Liu nodded. “It’s not difficult or troublesome at all.”

Ye Xiu nodded. “Please look after the Mandala Lab.”

Bureau Director Liu: “That’s for sure, I’ll follow up with Mr. Lin here.”

Ye Xiu was satisfied as he then looked at Lin Dong and said, “Go to Yanjing to find your master once you’re done. He asked you to report it to him.”

Lin Dong nodded. “Thank you, Uncle Ye.”

“Do you still want me to take the f*cking taxi myself, is that how you thank me?” Ye Xiu snorted.

Lin Dong bent down to pick up Lin Hu’s car keys from the table and said to Ye Xiu, “Let’s go, I’ll drop you off.”

“Big Brother, if you’re not in a hurry, I’ll come back later to pick you up,” Lin Dong said to Lin Hu before he left.

“It’s fine, go ahead with the car. I’ll take a taxi home later,” Lin Hu said quickly.

After the two of them had left.

Bureau Director Liu looked at Lin Hu and asked, “Is that person really your brother?”

“Yes, my real brother.” Lin Hu nodded his head.

“Little Lin, that’s not very kind of you then. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that your brother knew Young Master Ye?”

“Young Master Ye?” Lin Hu was baffled. “You mean that other person just now?”

“Ya, you don’t know Young Master Ye from Yanjing?” Bureau Director Liu smacked his lips. “Your brother called Young Master Ye his Uncle Ye, so his master is Ye Xiu’s brother?”

“Hold on.” Lin Hu felt a bit confused or rather hard to accept. “Who is that Young Master Ye you’re talking about?”

“My God, you don’t even know the person who could drown a bunch of people with one word in Yanjing? Oh wait, your brother is the head of the Mandala Lab Huaxia Division? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Lin Hu: “What the heck is this Mandala again?”

Bureau Director Liu looked at Lin Hu as if he was some fool. “It’s the company that Wall Street’s current estimated market value is at $50 billion, and in the future, it could go up to $300 billion. For someone who does business to not know this, the information you know is too little.”

Lin Hu opened his mouth so wide that someone could stuff three eggs in it!

Plenty of shock!

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