Chapter 662: The Poor Reporters (Part One)

They thought it was going to

be another black technology in the medical field, but it turned out to be


The media went back and published articles overnight criticizing the Mandala Lab for not doing the right thing.

“We originally thought they would be the Apple of the medical field, but nobody expected them to be so cheap that they would enter the make-up industry and fight with smaller companies in the market. In other words, have you asked Lancome and Estee Lauder before you moved in? Are your products even as good as theirs?”

After these articles came out, the netizens who were expecting a lot from social media platforms were suddenly a little disappointed. They thought it was some kind of black technology again, but it turned out to be cosmetics?

The popularity went down overnight.

But the Mandala Lab’s side couldn’t care less.

However, there was one media company that was willing to be a partner and bought a media seat.

This company was the one that had missed the chance before, and this time the main editor learned to be smart. It was only just a few thousand dollars anyways, and he believed that since the Mandala Lab had spent millions of dollars just on promoting the product in pop-up ads and on social media platforms, they couldn’t really just trick people with bad stuff to earn money from media seats and fees.

Therefore, the editor-in-chief brought his team over and bought the media seating, and only then did he notice that he was the only one of the media in the room who had come to cover the event, and he was happy.

He quickly said to the people from the Mandala Lab, “Since we are the only ones here anyways, I would like to buy out all the broadcast rights here, as well as the information, which could only be reported by us.”

Chekhov, who was given a new identity by Xu Cheng as the CEO of the Mandala Lab, spoke up after hearing this request, “Yes, 1 million for broadcast rights and exclusive fees.”

The editor-in-chief pondered for a moment, and he quickly calculated the free cash flow he had and he bit his tongue as he said, “Alright!”

The Mandala Lab made a deal with them as a media company.

The live broadcast of the Mandala Lab’s new product launch on the social media platform could only be broadcast live by text, because the live stream video rights were given exclusively to this media company. In addition, if anyone wanted to rebroadcast the event, they’d have to get permission from this media company and pay for the livestream.

There were still a lot of people on the social media platform who were paying attention to this new product launch.

After all, curiosity killed the cat.

It was all thanks to how the Mandala Lab made such a huge hit last time, or else the netizen won’t have cared about the launch at all. How they saved Hawking from his disease last time was too unbelievable; he even stood up and started talking. With that as the background, many people still hoped that this serum would be somewhat different.

It wasn’t just the netizens, but many investors and Wall Street analysts were paying attention as well.

However, a bunch of them felt confused when the press conference started.

Why the hell was it not a live video stream? Only text?

The text would take a few minutes for the staff member to edit first and then appear after refresh. Who was going to wait? Besides, the text looked too complicated, who would have the time to read it in detail?

Fine, text could be fine.

On almost all the social media platforms, a text notification was posted with the title ‘The product launch is now live” in the Mandala Forums.

A bunch of people stared at their screens and after five minutes of waiting…

Nothing. There was nothing.

The group of netizens in

front of their screens almost threw their coffee or cigarette butts at their


There was no way around it. Text broadcasts just didn’t update instantly, and many of the hosts’ comments could not be edited quick enough in text form.

While they were all speechless and confused, a picture suddenly refreshed on the screen.

It was a 30mL bottle of a skincare solution.

Some immediately lost interest and were ready to close the webpage, but suddenly a block of text popped up, outlining its effect. It stated that the product could rapidly repair scars and wrinkles, refine skin, heal traumatic wounds and ulcers, and all kinds of postoperative scars as well as extensive fire burns. Everything you could ever think of, the product could repair.


Some netizens were startled then shocked when they looked at the description of the serum.

It really was a product from the Mandala Lab!

It was the Mandala Lab’s style, to keep low and shock the world.

The investors on Wall Street tried to search up live video feeds and only very few could find them, so then everyone panicked. Because live video streaming would provide a platform for a live demonstration and some media Q & A to better understand the product.

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