Chapter 662: The Poor Reporters (Part Two)

All those news media that wouldn’t buy the ticket a few days ago were all shocked.

Suddenly, someone pasted an address where everyone could watch the live video broadcast, and these people were in fact that one media company that had bought the exclusive live broadcast rights.

At this point, more than a million people who were reading the text feed rushed over to watch the live video feed by this media company.

In the video, Chekhov, who was the new CEO of the Mandala Lab, was applying the serum to a patient with a skin condition.

There were three patients in the experiment, one was an old female professional manager who stayed up all night. In general older women gained more dark spots and freckles the older they got, and also wrinkles around the eyes as well.

One was a patient who had a burn mark on her face.

One was a patient with a skin condition.

All three of them had proof of medical records from the hospital.

All three of them had close-up shots of each of their faces on air.

Then, there were three staff members who applied the serum on their face, putting it on them evenly and slowly while all three of them leaned back in their chairs with their eyes closed.

The netizens were all focused on the video.

The entire venue had only one media group reporting the situation, so the news reporters, who left a few days ago and were unwilling to follow-up, all had bitter smiles on their faces.

Even idiots knew that they lost their exclusive news this time, and in the M Nation where they valued live broadcast rights, they had lost the topicality the serum would have generated and also lots of revenue. 

They did not want to buy the ticket for a few tens of thousands of dollars this time and didn’t even need to think to know that how must this stingy media company bought the exclusive broadcast rights for. Probably just a few hundred thousand! And all that was just the information fee, and the broadcasting rights. For all that, this media company must have made a lot of money this time.

After watching how the three patients’ complexion were miraculously healed, the reporters almost smashed their screens.

Almost around the same time they received a phone call from their bosses.

“What do you have to say to me about the fact that you didn’t get into the press conference to cover the Mandala Lab first hand? Do you know anything about the serum? Do you have a draft ready in your hand for tonight’s publish?”

Reporter: “Boss, I think the Mandala Lab is being unkind, it’s not nice that they’re taking pay-per-view broadcasts! We are news reporters, and we have freedom, we can’t be led by the noses by them!”

Boss: “So you have tonight’s draft ready? By the way, I’ve spoken with this media company with the exclusive rights. For the broadcast and firsthand information, the fee was $150K, which meant that what you could get in for $20K in the first place is now costing the company $150K! The key point is that only their company could report on this tomorrow, and we’ll all have to follow-up on the story the next day. According to the current statistics, the number of netizens interested in this drug exceeds 10 million; that is, we lost 10 million traffic. I’ve already thought of how to compensate for the loss, I’ll be deducting the money from your salary!”

Reporter: “…!”

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