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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 663.1

Chapter 663: Two Panicking Companies (Part One)

– M Nation – 

– Estee Lauder Headquarters –

The marketing directors and the CEO were sitting in a conference room watching a video, it was about the Mandala Lab’s new product launch.

After the video finished,

the CEO pressed pause and crossed his hands on the conference table. He looked at the department managers sitting at the sides and asked.

“Anything you guys want to say? I feel that our market is seriously threatened by Mandala’s new product.”

The Planning Director said, “President, I don’t think it is as amazing as what we saw in the video. First of all, this video was edited so maybe they hired someone to do it or it wasn’t even live broadcast but recorded. Maybe the effect of the product isn’t good at all.”

CEO: “And what if it is real?”

Before the Planning Director answered, the R&D representative said, “If these effects are true, it would be a fatal blow to us, but there’s no need to have unnecessary worries. Maybe they’re going for a high-end market, which won’t affect ours.”

CEO: “Do you think we’re low end? Our product pricing is top three in the world cosmetic industry, and it’s already considered to be in the top luxury ranks. Marketing Director, what do you think.”

The Marketing Director said seriously, “If the effects of Mandala’s product are real, then first of all, we have to wait for their price offering. If it is similar to our price range, then I’m afraid that we will face a situation where all the products will be adjusted to a reduced price. Otherwise, we will lose against Mandala’s new product.”

The R&D department head: “I think it is unnecessary to worry about that now. First of all, Mandala’s product hasn’t been officially released yet. It is not known actually how effective it is, and even if the effect is really good, our market won’t face much of a loss because we will have brightening creams, toner, and other popular products that do not conflict with them.”

CEO: “But there will still be an impact to our stock prices, right?”

Everyone nodded. “That’s for sure, but the impact is not expected to be too big. We should wait until Mandala sets a price for their new product.”

– Meanwhile –

– F Nation, Lancome headquarters –

All of the company’s top executives were having a meeting, and a marketing director rushed into the conference room and said while out of breath, “President, take a look at Mandala’s new product launch video.”

“What’s the matter? Where are your basic manners, rushing in here?”

“Please watch the video first. The new product released by the Mandala Lab is for skin care! It may be a direct competitor to our “genetic cells” black bottle product!”

The president and the other executives were baffled as the marketing director quickly projected his phone via Bluetooth to the big screen and opened the Mandala Lab product launch video.

In the video, the effects of the serum on three different types of skin condition were clearly shown.

After watching it, one of the executives asked directly, “Is this video real? Are you sure it’s not a prank made via CGI?”

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