Chapter 664: The Importance of the CEO (Part One)

Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue

stayed in Huaxia for one week and left to return to the M Nation.

On the plane, Lin Chuxue sat next to Xu Cheng in the first-class cabin. She had an economic magazine in her hand as she said to Xu Cheng, “Mandala’s new product directly made the market value of Estee Lauder and L’Oreal drop by 14%~21%. You have displeased some people.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been behind the stage and no one knows that Mandala is related to me directly,” Xu Cheng said.

Lin Chuxue frowned. “Then whose care did you leave Mandala in? Are they trustworthy?”

Xu Cheng smiled and said, “Of course, there will be an opportunity in the future when I introduce you to a few of my brothers. All of them are reliable people who have shared life and death with me. Two of them are in charge of Mandala and they will do a good job in completing the tasks and meeting the plans I have given them.”

Lin Chuxue asked curiously, “You have brothers besides Luo Yi and Li Wei?”

“Of course.” Xu Cheng laughed.

Lin Chuxue smiled as well. “Looks like I missed some of your adventures recently. When are you going to tell me what you’ve been through since you stepped foot in the M Nation for the past six months? In just half a year, you have acquired nearly thirty billion dollars in assets. I wonder if you have learned to be a stock sniper like Soros, otherwise where would you get so much money all of a sudden. Robbing banks wouldn’t even be that fast.”

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Chuxue and said seriously, “Little Xue, it’s not time yet, but once it is, I will tell you everything. Is that okay?”

Lin Chuxue nodded her head. “I’m sure you have your reasons, but I’m confused since according to what Stenson said, whether it’s the casino ownership or this Mandala Lab, why did you choose to keep such a low profile so no one would find out it’s you? What are we afraid of at the moment? You’ve even destroyed the Ryong Clan, so what are you still afraid of?”

Xu Cheng lowered his head and laughed bitterly.

I’m afraid that if I draw too much attention, then people will turn their eyes on to you! Now is not the time for me to show the world what I’ve got!

The Deviant Mercenary Corps was still lacking, and it wasn’t even enough for the capitalists to share the meal and take a bite. If he was to show his cards now, then it would only expose their identities as genetic mutants in advance, and that would be the same as inviting death.

Lin Chuxue knew Xu Cheng very well, and whenever he had something on his mind, he would change the topic or interrupt the conversation.

She reached out and placed her hand on top of Xu Cheng’s as she gazed at him. “Do you know what I hated the most about you when we were kids?”

Xu Cheng raised his eyes to look at her.

Lin Chuxue said, “It was your self-righteousness.”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything and put his head down, thinking in silence.

Lin Chuxue didn’t force anything further seeing that he had something he wanted to hide and smiled. “Forget it, take me to meet those brothers of yours when it’s time.”

Xu Cheng nodded. He was actually scared on the inside that if he told Lin Chuxue that he was truly a monster and no longer a human in terms of genes, how would Lin Chuxue think of him? Would she stand against him?

Up until now, Xu Cheng had never displayed any of his supernatural abilities in front of Lin Chuxue. If she were to meet his brothers now, he didn’t know if she would find something suspicious, and with Lin Chuxue’s intelligence, she would definitely detect something strange, so he couldn’t take any risks yet.

After attending the press conference about Mandala’s new product, Chekhov started to look for an office building for the Mandala Lab.

With Senator Jerry’s help, Chekhov’s M Nation citizenship was easily approved.

In addition to him, Mario, who was in charge of protecting Chekhov, received the official citizenship as well.

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