Chapter 664: The Importance of the CEO (Part Two)

The Mandala Lab’s journey to go public would definitely attract the capitalists’ attention and they might even fight for it. Xu Cheng doubted that any professional manager could face the constant harassment of the FBI, so he asked his own people from the Deviant Corp to take care of the company.

Chekhov’s talent would allow him to detect anyone with bad intentions within three-miles, so any assassination attempts on him could be easily eliminated. Thus, he became the best CEO candidate for the Mandala Lab.

Mario was just impatient and wanted to come as well. Of course, in order to get an official role, he nagged and begged Xu Cheng for half a day because he was getting bored in the Land of Mercenaries and wanted to go out.

Xu Cheng had no choice but to let him come as well.

The rest of the brothers stayed in the Deviant Corp’s mountains to guard the underground experiments.

However, before hiring staff, Mario had to pick up the temporary company lines all day to get orders from all over the world.

Meanwhile, Chekhov watched football with a remote control in his hand and ate pizza.

After answering the phone for the entire day, Mario finally pulled out the cable and looked angrily at Chekhov as he said, “I’m here to be your bodyguard, why are you making me do this. I’m f*cking tired of these calls.”

After finishing another slice of pizza, Chekhov asked, “How many pre-orders are in?”

Mario looked at the data he had noted down. “About 20,000 bottles; 14,950 gold serum; 6,890 platinum serum; and 705 diamond serum.”

Chekhov immediately put his feet down on the ground. “That’s good, so why don’t you keep waiting for the calls since there’s already more orders than expected.””

Mario was furious. “Go find an employee soon if you’re really looking for one because I’m done.”

Chekhov: “That’s fine, I’ll tell Boss to send you back to the Land of Mercenaries to be in charge of guarding the engineers.”

Mario wanted to cry. “I’m the fiercest member of the Deviant Mercenary Corp, but now I’m your receptionist here. How shameful is that if word gets out?”

Chekhov: “Cut it out. The fiercest member in the Deviant Corp is Li Wei, and he’ll let you know that’s true with his thunder attracting technique.”

Mario was speechless. “Anyways, I’m a member of the Deviant Corp, and you’re humiliating me by asking me to do this.”

Chekhov: “Since you’ve been humiliated all day today, why don’t you take some more orders before it’s nighttime and I’ll take you on a full LA tour in the evening.”

Mario snorted. “You think you can buy me off with this? Why do you get to be so laid back while I have to work? That’s not fair.”

Chekhov said, “Because the Boss has appointed me as the CEO of Mandala; do you know what a CEO is? The biggest executive member under the Chairman.”

Mario snorted. “I can be the CEO too!”

Chekhov glared at him. “Did you go to college? Can you talk confidently in front of the media? Can you stand in front of the media from various countries and respond to them in their own language? Okay, don’t look at me with your murderous eyes. I know I’ve got your weak points but I’ll give you one simple example of why you can’t be the CEO.”

Mario: “Go ahead.”

Chekhov: “Well, you with your bald head in front of the media will severely degrade the image of our company.”

Mario: “I’ll kill you!”

Chekhov didn’t even look at Mario’s swinging fist and looked at his watch instead as he said calmly, “Boss’s plane arrives tonight and he’s probably landing soon. I’ll tell him that you don’t like being here and that you should go home.”

Mario’s fist stopped in mid-air as he revealed a sly smile on his face. “Brother!”

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