Chapter 665: The True Meaning of the Deviant Corp Tattoo (Part One)

Stenson arrived at the office building and pushed open the door; the office was about a thousand square meters in size and there was only a desk, a computer, and another small desk where Mario was taking down orders from the phone calls.

Once Stenson stepped inside, he continued to check out Mario and Chekhov.

When the boss said he would send two people to be the management team of Mandala, Stenson was quite puzzled and did a background check to see what big companies they have worked for.

But everything turned out to be blank.

He left the take-out on the table and said, “Dinner time.”

Mario set the three phones to transfer to voicemail and came over to the table as he ripped open the bag and started eating like a beast.

Meanwhile, Stenson ate slowly as he said to the two of them, “You guys know that Mandala is being watched, right? The FBI, for example, is trying to pressure Mandala to give up its formula. They couldn’t find anyone before but now the two of you are in the radar; are you scared? I’ve heard that a lot of big company owners are eyeing a stake in Mandala as well, and I’m afraid that business spies will be happy to work for us in the future.”

Chekhov remained silent as he watched the soccer tournament while chewing on his pizza.

Stenson turned to Mario again. “Do you two have any strategies?”

In fact, he just wanted to test out what kind of background or abilities these two men had, or rather, he wanted to know if the Deviant Corp had any resources that could take care of such a problem.

However, Chekhov didn’t bother with him.

Mario was too busy eating and didn’t bother either.

Stenson smacked his lips as he felt a bit deflated and coughed. “A week ago, I joined the Deviant Corp as a Level 1 member.”

He was reminding the two of them that they were on the same ship, so don’t be too disrespectful.

Chekhov continued to watch his live stream.

Mario continued to eat his dinner.

Stenson felt ignored.

He said deliberately, “I’ve been with Boss since he first came to the M Nation.”

Chekhov finally turned and glanced at him.

Mario raised an eyebrow at Stenson as well.

“Are you free? If so, please go and take down the orders for me,” Mario said to him.

Stenson was speechless. He felt that he shouldn’t be ignored like this because he had met the Boss and the Boss’ wife as well!

“Hey you two, I have a close relationship with the Boss. You need to check who’s the owner first before beating the dog. Give me some respect and tell me what the organization’s plan is about Mandala’s future. Don’t worry, I have pledged my loyalty to the ambassador, so rest assured that I am one of you.”

Mario had food in his mouth while he questioned, “Did the ambassador ever tell you that each level of the membership has some restrictions? Like don’t ask what you shouldn’t be asking.”

Stenson: “I dare ask what level of membership you have? I’ve heard that almost all of the members below level 5 are members with no real power.”

Chekhov and Mario looked at each other and then laughed. “We have no ranks.”

Stenson smiled. “So I’m a level 1 member and I can order you guys around then? Now tell me quickly, how do you plan to deal with Mandala’s crisis?”

Mario looked at Stenson and said, “Seeing as you’ve been following Boss since earlier on, I could give you a little extra information about the organization’s hierarchy.”

Stenson looked at him blankly.

Mario said, “An Angel of Light has 5 levels, while Demon Angel has 7 levels. Whether it’s level 1 or 12, they are all just Angels. Then there is a more authoritative rank on top of that, called the Adjudicator.”

Stenson: “Adjudicator?”

Mario nodded. “Lift up your shirt to see your tattoo.”

Stenson lifted his shirt and saw the tattoo on his chest with one caged one hand over the earth.

“What does this have to do with tattoos? The ambassador told me that it is only a logo.”

“Logos have meanings as well, and I’ll tell you what this hand over the Earth logo is. It represents adjudicators. So in terms of rank, all the 12 winged angels can only be on the earth with that hand on top.”

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