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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 667.1

Chapter 667: Caesar Exposed (Part One)

Xu Cheng paced in front of the glass window as he stared at the night scene of the city for a long time before he said, “Kill them! We’ve supported the Continental Mercenaries

Corps to this point, and whoever stops them from forming a government deserves

to die! The Land of Mercenaries must be our home that we leave safely behind!”

Chekhov and Mario both said in an affirmative tone. “Yes!”

Mario: “I’ll pass on your orders to the basecamp tonight, so Vala and Diesel can start to prepare.”

Stenson sat in Xu Cheng’s Cadillac limousine and the driver asked him through the rearview mirror, “Where to, sir?”

Stenson: “Go to the Socialist party’s headquarters, I think it’s time for me to meet them. Otherwise, they will keep calling me, thinking that I’m fooling them.”

The Socialists were founded less than 10 years ago and had been playing an insignificant role in the political history of the M Nation.

Because their sponsor was relatively weak in funds.

The reason why the M Nation’s president was always either from the Democratic party or the Republicans was because of the sponsors behind them.

For example, the Jews!

The smartest group of people and also the wealthiest people in the world.

(Disclaimer: this author writes a lot of conspiracy theories lol, let’s just try to enjoy the story instead)

How would you fight a nation that was supported by an entire ethnoreligious group of people?

Meanwhile the sponsors for the socialists could only be described as poor compared to what the Jews owned.

Yes, that was right, poor losers!

Their group of people had infiltrated the entire industry of the M Nation, such as the Oscars and the big media companies, and the real estate industry with the Wall Street experts. These first two groups of people could manipulate public opinion, while the last one could influence the economy, and Wall Street could even influence the stock market trends.

To be frank, this group of people would be like those pay-to-win gamers who had suited up with a full-set of cash shop armour.

As for the socialists? They could only take one step at time, and every year they would rely on a passionate speech at the university to recruit potential members. They were like those players who leveled up slowly and would eventually form a group of ordinary players whose whole weapon inventory couldn’t even match up to a money-player’s armour alone.

Therefore, money was indeed evil but necessary.

The socialists had been trying to find sponsors for several years, but all they had were either small businesses owners or merchants with only a few hundred million dollars in assets, and they only joined so that they could be in a team instead of fighting alone. However, that kind of support was never enough.

First of all, if there wasn’t anyone with a big influence who could step up to vote for the socialists, then what would be the point of entering the election?

Therefore, it was the perfect timing for Stenson to step up as the biggest sponsor. When Senator Jerry referred Stenson to the Socialists party in a letter, they quickly did some investigation on Stenson’s financial background.

They were shocked by the results.

Stenson actually had over $20 billion dollars in his hands!

Well, that would be a big sponsor right there.

In the M Nation, aside from the consortiums, if someone was to calculate personal assets, no more than 20 people would have assets over $20 billion.

The socialists party were like sharks that smelled blood, and they called Stenson every week non-stop because they were afraid that he would suddenly change his mind and withdraw his support. They were like starving ghosts every day as they constantly emailed and called Stenson to invite him for a chat.

When Stenson finally agreed to meet at their headquarters, the group gave a warm welcome.

The Socialists’ headquarters was in an office lot in the business district of Washington.

There were several important representatives waiting there for a long time.

When they saw Stenson’s car arrive, they went straight downstairs to welcome him personally and escorted him upstairs.

Senator Jerry was already waiting for him upstairs and as soon as Stenson sat down, he asked bluntly. “Is your Boss sure that he’s going to support the Socialists?”

Stenson nodded. “He has a question he wanted me to ask: what could you give him?”

Jerry narrowed his eyes. “What does your Boss want?”

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