Chapter 668: Maybe Things Won’t Turn Out Too Hopeless (Part One)

After hanging up the phone, Caesar quickly packed his passport, ID, and cash.

His apprentice Richie asked, “It’s the FBI that’s caught onto us, do you think we’ll be able to get away from here, Master?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll try to stall as much time as we can,” Caesar replied.

“Do you trust that Boss can save us?” Richie asked as he was packing his things.

“There’s nothing we can do even if we don’t believe it. We’ve done crazy things, if it comes to a point that he can’t bail us out, we’ll exchange the information with other countries to get protection.”

– Meanwhile –

A Land Rover roared down the highway.

Chekhov was using his ultrasonic ability to accurately measure the spacings between cars as he raced down the highway at over 200 MPH. Every time a car came close, his ability would alarm him, and he could then avoid them like how bats never hit obstacles as they flew, even in the dark.

He had the windows down as he enjoyed the roaring wind, but Mario next to him in the passenger’s seat was vomiting at the same time.

Yes, that was right. At this speed and turning frequency, along with the mental breakdown for his own safety, Mario was all curled up like a sick cat on the passenger seat as he yelled, “Slow the f*ck down.”

“Any slower and those people will be in trouble. This is the first time we two go out on a mission; if people die on our watch, then we’ll have to go home. I would be ashamed to report to the Boss about this.” Chekhov had received direct orders from Xu Cheng to head to a certain location and protect the two men.

To speed things up, Chekhov’s car went even faster.

Mario vomited again. “I don’t know if they’re dead or not, but if you keep driving like this, I’m sure I’ll die. Besides, the drugs are all ready to go so we can treat them immediately if their lives are in danger!”

“You sound like a coward and not a Deviant Mercenary, you’re simply insulting our name,” Chekhov replied but his speed didn’t slow down at all.

– Meanwhile, on the 6th floor of their destination apartment –

Caesar and his apprentice saw through the window that a dozen police cars had parked below the building and surrounded the apartment.

“Block off every exit and hallway!” The head of this operation stepped down from one of the cars.

The security bureau had been tracking down Caesar and his apprentice for a long time, and their team had found that they had left footprints while breaking into the intelligence network. However, they couldn’t hunt them down back then, so they set up a 24-hr monitoring system and waited several months until the hacker finally showed up unexpectedly again. This time, the entire security bureau’s top teams finally tracked down Caesar and immediately locked down onto this specific apartment.

Of course, they didn’t know exactly who the hacker was nor what he looked like.

However, this officer was clearly an experienced pro.  

He had told the security services to prepare for plan B.

“Sort out the list of all the hackers currently settled in this country, including the retired ones and ban any of them from leaving the country!”

That was the order he gave before he left for the operation.

He was not going to blindly arrest anyone as they surrounded the apartment. He said to all the police officers on scene, “At this time, I am afraid that they are busy trying to destroy evidence left on the computer. Block anyone who enters or leaves the apartment, and if you find anyone with obvious calluses on their hands that belong to a computer professional, arrest them! One room at a time, search which room has a computer that’s running or destroyed, then find the tenant’s name and arrest them!”

“Yes Sir!”

Fifty police officers saluted and rushed up the stairs of the apartment building, armed with guns in their hands, and set someone to block off the entrance to the stairways at each floor. The officers then followed them and conducted room searches one by one.

In an apartment on the 6th floor. Caesar and his apprentice pretended to be very calm as they walked out of the room and broke the door lock from the outside after they locked it from the inside. That way, even if someone had the keys, they would not be able to get into the apartment unless they used explosives, which would then give them more time to escape.

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