Chapter 668: Maybe Things Won’t Turn Out Too Hopeless (Part Two)

As soon as they were out, they saw others going down the stairs to cooperate with the police investigation.

After Caesar noticed a detail, he took only his ID and passport out of his bags of clothes and quickly threw his bags of clothes into the trash.

“What are you doing, Master?” Richie was puzzled.

“Don’t you see that these people who aren’t hiding anything don’t carry any luggage? We look like we are running away, it’s too obvious. We were almost screwed,” Caesar said.

Richie suddenly realized and quickly followed his master’s lead and did as he was told.

They walked down the stairs and the armed cop there asked them to show their IDs.

The two cooperated and took out their fake IDs!

That was right, fake IDs.

Their previous identities were already processed as dead men.

Richie’s death was because of cancer, and as for Caesar who had no hands before, this time his new identity was no longer a disabled person. Both of their identities were M Nation immigrants from foreign countries and that helped them from being detected as hackers. Because their new identities now belonged to general employees, there were no hacking records in their profiles.

After the policeman had checked the IDs, they then said, “Show me your palms.”

Caesar and Richie hesitated for a moment and put their hands out.

The three officers took a good look at their hands and noticed the calluses on their fingers, so they gave each other a look and said to the two of them, “Which unit do you live in?”

Caesar and Richie were both silent; if they said it, then they would be even more suspicious when they found out the door locks were broken.  The two hackers who had always disguised themselves online didn’t know how to do the same in reality, and they were stunned not knowing what to do next.

“Then it’s you two, take them away!”

The three officers shouted.

Three guns were already pointing at their waists, and Caesar and Richie knew that they were exposed.

“Chief, we’ve caught the targets.”

The head officer who was checking the units one by one quickly asked, “Is it a team or an individual? Ask them how many people are in their team, and don’t miss a single one!”

“How many more of you are there, speak up!” The three officers pointed the guns to Caesar and Richie’s heads as they interrogated them.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Caesar, pretending to be calm. “I can file a complaint if you’re pointing guns at citizens like this.”

That was when the head officer rushed up with a couple of more cops.

He saw Caesar and Richie first, then took a look at their IDs, which had no previous records of hacking based on the information coming back from the headquarters.

He asked the landlord of this apartment directly where Caesar’s unit was and headed there.

The door was locked from the inside.

The keyhole was broken, and it couldn’t be unlocked.

“Okay, no need to ask and no need to look further, it’s these two. Immediately kick open this door and check their computers to see if there is any information they stole and if there’s any backup. Remember to bring the computers back together as evidence to convict these two.”

“Yes Sir!”

Caesar and Richie were taken away.

“We had a new beginning and are now going to hell again. If I knew I couldn’t escape tonight, I might as well do a big job and expose all the information.” Richie grinned.

Caesar, however, still had a bit of hope in him. “Maybe things won’t turn out to be too hopeless?”

The police officer in charge of detaining them sneered. “When you’re sent to a prison in Sin City, you’ll be despair and will regret what you’ve done.”

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