Chapter 669: Clash (Part One)

Caesar and his apprentice were taken into a police vehicle, which contained a temporary interrogation room.

The officer sat across from the two of them while three other armed cops stood behind them.

“Why don’t you introduce yourselves?” the officer said.

Caesar snorted. “Isn’t it on the ID card?”

Richie remained silent.

The officer turned at Richie thinking that the younger one would be a breakthrough point and said, “You know that there is no death penalty in the M Nation, and that all charges can be confessed here. So tell us, which organization and which country are you working for, hacking the security system and stealing our intelligence information?”

Richie still remained silent.

Instead, it was Caesar who said, “Excuse me, Sir. But what the hell are you talking about? What charges do you have against us to arrest us for no reason?”

“Don’t play dumb with me.” The officer asked, “What’s the computer in your room for?”

“That’s just our computer, what are you trying to say?” Caesar asked.

“You’re still pretending. You two are hackers and you have been attacking the National Defense and Security Agency for a while now. We’ve been watching you for a long time, you didn’t expect to get caught by us this time, did you?”

Caesar: “Sir, where’s your evidence? Don’t arrest people randomly because you can’t get the job done properly.”


The officer slammed his fist on the table and stood up as he yanked Caesar’s collar and then his hands as he yelled, “Look at your hands, don’t tell me those aren’t calluses that only professional hackers would have!”

Caesar still pretended to be calm. “This kind of calluses can belong to any professional in the IT industry. If you are arresting us for just this reason, we will file charges against you for being this unprofessional.”  

“You want evidence, right?” The officer yelled to his team outside who were deciphering the computer in another vehicle. “When will you be able to crack open the computer for their footprints?”

“We’re still trying to crack into the system, it’ll be about five minutes,” the experts in that car said with sweat running down their faces.

The officer tugged on his tie as he went back to the interrogation vehicle and sat in front of the two and asked, “This may be your last chance. In five minutes, we will crack into your computer and convict you with the evidence. Now, I am asking you, how many others are there besides the two of you?”

Caesar didn’t talk.

Richie did not say anything seeing that his master remained silent.

That was when the officer, who stood behind Caesar, grabbed a handful of his hair from the back and slammed his head against the interrogation table!

Caesar’s face was slammed hard onto the table and blood came out of his nose immediately.

He sucked in a deep breath, and because his hands were cuffed behind his back, he could only use Richie’s shoulders to wipe away the blood from his nose. He said to the officer in a provocative manner, “How many people do you think we have?”

“At least a team.” The officer smiled slightly thinking that Caesar was cooperating. “Or maybe a couple of countries behind you as well?”

Caesar snorted. “Blind confidence! Let me tell you, the two of us are more than enough to deal with that bunch of rookies at your security bureau.”

The officer sneered. “The so-called rookies you’re talking about have been watching you for a month. You didn’t know that eh?”

Caesar laughed out loud and said sarcastically, “Then let me tell you, we’ve been monitoring and controlling your intelligence system for six months!”

The officer’s face looked dumbfounded, and he stood up with both of his hands pressing down on them as he looked down at Caesar and Richie from above and yelled, “What kind of intelligence information did you gather?”

Caesar said word for word, “A-L-L! Including a list of all your secret agents deployed around the world! I’ve stolen it all and placed it in a very secure place, and if we don’t get out of here alive tonight, this data will be automatically released to the public and shared with intelligence agencies around the world. By then, all the effort put into the M Nation’s intelligence system, which has lasted for decades, will be gone and all of you will start over again!”

The officer was furious. “You’re threatening the entire M Nation, you know that? Let me tell you that no one has ever dared to openly defy the M Nation and live on with a smile on their face. No one!”

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