Chapter 670: Tragic Scene (Part One)


grinned. “First time I’ve ever seen you not being such a coward.”

Mario looked serious. “Are you kidding? Any missions could fail, but Boss said that the Deviant Corp needs these two guys. It’s important! So stop joking and rush them over!”

Chekhov nodded in return. “Let me ask you, do you think the quality of the police cars from the M Nation is better, or the quality of our Land Rover?”

Mario was speechless. “Obviously the police car.”

Yet Chekhov still drove the Land Rover straight toward the police van over there, knocking the police signs away, and slammed into the side of the police van head-on.

The spot they hit happened to be right where the interrogating officer was.

Two hundred horsepower upon impact.

The van was sent flying away with a huge dent on the side of its car. Everyone, including the head officer, Caesar, and his apprentice Richie, and the three armed officers, were all slammed against the walls of the van from the inertia.

Caesar and Richie were considered lucky as they were handcuffed to the chairs, so they were only shaken from the huge inertia and didn’t fly over and hit their heads on the wall like the four officers.

The windows shattered and the driver was not expecting it as he flung right through the broken window!

Officers from the other four police cars all got out, preparing to take down the Land Rover.

Meanwhile, Mario punched a hole through the dented side of the van, ripped it open with his bare hands, and broke the handcuffs on Caesar and Richie. He then carried the two unconscious men, one on each shoulder and jumped into the back seat of the Land Rover.

Chekhov quickly backed up and made a U-turn before the cops tried to surround them; although the front end of the car was banged up badly, it was still able to function properly.

He pressed hard on the gas pedal and accelerated to 100 MPH within just six seconds, losing the cops on his tail. The cops then quickly called their headquarters, reporting that there had been an attack. 

The Land Rover’s license plate was locked onto by the police department’s satellite. 

Chekhov took out a headset and spoke up. “Boss, we’ve got the men but we were forced to make a scene here. We alarmed the entire police department and I’m afraid that they will be sending out helicopters to intercept us.” 

Xu Cheng, who was already on his way, was driving a rental car when he heard Chekhov’s report. “Okay, got it. I will meet you soon, find a chance to dump the car immediately and take the two with you.”

Chekhov: “Yes.”

He looked at the rearview mirror and saw the police cars from just a few hundred meters away and said, “This is where my advantage comes out, they can’t race with me without clearing the lanes first or they will affect the traffic.” 

As soon as he said that, a police car rushed over to the intersection in front of them and was ready to block their way. However, Chekhov had already detected their action via his ultrasonic senses, and he suddenly shifted the steering wheel to avoid their attack, a turn that required skill, precision, and speed control. The police car almost brushed through their car, but Chekhov managed to lose them.  

By then, there were already a dozen police cars chasing behind them.

The chief police of the city was the temporary commander of the chase.

He watched everything that was going on with the Land Rover from the surveillance footage and spoke into the microphone, “He’s got five minutes before he crosses West Main Street. Those guarding the West Main Street listen up, go stop him!”

“Yes Sir!”

The police cars in the West Main Street area had received the order in advance and laid down rolls of spike strips on the road where Chekhov’s vehicle was going to pass by.

Chekhov cursed when he saw the spike strips from afar. “Sh*t! There are spikes!”

Mario yelled, “You take control of the steering wheel.”

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