Chapter 671: Crossing Borders (Part One)

The chief commander watched the traffic scene with a dumbfounded look and picked up the call as he heard the President raging over the phone from the White House. “You guys really put on a comical chase scene for the public tonight, you know? I was also watching the whole thing through the surveillance; the criminals’ vehicle did not touch any civilian vehicles and cause traffic, while your police cars during the chase were speeding up in negligence. You’ve caused chaos at at least nine intersections and now there are ten police cars that directly crashed into the vehicles and pedestrians, directly paralyzing the traffic in the biggest commercial intersection. A medical team has gone over in a helicopter, but I’m afraid that the public is not easy to fool this time. Because in this incident, it’s our police officers who have been humiliated, which is a disgrace to the country, not to mention that the police cars also killed citizens by running them over.”

The president on the other end of the phone was clearly agitated and couldn’t say anything further; the chief commander then heard the sound of him slamming the table through the phone.

“Before they start a protest, I’ll give you one day to, first, catch them; and second, take the blame and resign!”

The chief commander was hung up on without a word.

He threw the phone onto the ground and picked up his jacket and rushed out.

Meanwhile, Xu Cheng, who had diverted everyone’s attention with the tragic traffic accident, was parked at the intersection smoking his cigarette. He watched the police cars rushing over to the scene, including the chief commander who got off a van.

The chief commander’s secretary followed him over, and the secretary said as he investigated the scene, “There’s a senior agent from the Security Bureau who died on the spot from a fractured spine during an interrogation when the accident happened.”

The chief looked around at the chaotic scene and asked with a sigh, “How about the police officers that cooperated with us?”

The secretary: “Even more. Nearly seventy police officers have been confirmed dead, and all of the ones who were in that district where the surveillance had been temporarily compromised, about thirty police officers plus another forty during the road chase, all died in the same way, strangely.”

The chief commander came in front of a stretcher and flipped the white cloth away. He looked at the dead and charred officer and asked the secretary, “What did the coroner say?”

“All of them died from exposure to a high voltage electrical current!”

 The brows of the chief commander pinched as he turned to find the coroner.

“Are you sure they all died from a high voltage electrical current?” He thought it was ridiculous.

The coroner was still making a first-hand report on the scene, and he answered from a professional view when he heard the chief’s question, “Yes, we went to check the two areas where officers had died, and we noticed that all the circuits near the East Main Street curb were shorted out. We checked it, and many of the wires were broken, causing leakage in electricity. Then for this area, as you can see Chief, the traffic lights around the intersection are all out and there’s no power around this area tonight. This is the worst mistake in the history of power leaks, but I noticed something strange.”

The chief commander: “What?”

The coroner: “Why is it that only police officers were electrocuted during this leak? The thirty police officers were electrocuted first, and now here in the commercial district, it’s still only the forty police officers that got electrocuted. In the cases of deceased citizens, they were all from the car accidents caused by the police when they couldn’t control the wheel and hit the brakes. What makes this electrical current so special?”

The chief commander:  “An accident? I’m afraid the public simply won’t buy into this explanation.”

As they were talking, the representative of the hydro company had gotten out of his car and came running at them. “I swear what happened tonight was not related to our power line.”

The chief commander was desperately looking for a scapegoat as he shrugged his shoulders. “Then take a look at the bodies.”

The coroner took the representative to the bodies and said, “They were all killed by high voltage electrical currents.”

The representative of the hydro company was stunned.

“Why was there a sudden power leak at the East Main Street intersection? That is the commercial area, do you know how much trouble you’ve gotten into this time?” the chief commander said, intimidating the representative.

While they were arguing, the security bureau came over and scolded. “You are still in the mood to avoid your responsibilities. Then let me tell you, the information those criminals stole this time is the biggest intelligence theft case in history.”

It would’ve been fine if the security bureau person didn’t come over, but once he came, the chief commander was furious. “You stop right there. Just because your bullsht security bureau came here to arrest people without giving a heads-up, all these things were triggered because of you. But why is the president blaming it all on me? I’ve fcking lost over 70 officers! This is the highest historical fatality rate of law enforcement in this district! This is how your security bureau keeps an eye on the criminals?”

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