Chapter 671: Crossing Borders (Part Two)

Xu Cheng watched them argue from his car and flicked his finished cigarette out of the window.

He then started the car and slowly left the scene.

When he arrived at an alleyway near a private property, Mario and Chekhov came out from the shady corner with Caesar and Richie on their shoulders; they then got into Xu Cheng’s car and left the city district.

“How are the guys?” Xu Cheng asked as he drove the car.

“I’m guessing they passed out because of the shock,” Chekhov said.

Xu Cheng nodded his head.

Mario asked worriedly, “Boss, their identities have probably been exposed already. We can’t take them out of the borders.”

Caesar and Richie’s new identities had been locked down by the security bureau and an alert had been sent to all customs throughout the M Nation so arrests would be made once they were discovered.

Xu Cheng already knew that.

But his car still drove towards the M Nation-Mexico border.

There was a black market there, and as long as they got into the black market, Caesar and Richie could leave for their base camp in the Land of Mercenaries and officially return to the team.

However, there were also guards at the M Nation-Mexico border, and identification documents would be checked by the armed troops deployed in those areas.

To cross the border, there was only one big and long, boring highway.

Mario and Chekhov saw that Xu Cheng was still bent on taking Caesar and Richie across the borders without any disguise; they wanted to remind him but ended up not saying anything.

After two days of driving, Xu Cheng and the team arrived at the M Nation-Mexico border.

When they arrived at the border, Mario and Chekhov were ready to fight at a moment’s notice that once they had to check or find Caesar and Richie in the car, they were prepared to fight their way into the black market.

An armed guard stood in front of the iron fence and gestured for them to stop over.

“Show your IDs. “

Xu Cheng took out his ID.

The guard narrowed his brows and asked after looking at it. “Chinese? Where are you going?”

“Thought we’d check out the black market there.”

“You’ve got nothing else to do, eh?” The guard had a sarcastic look as he returned Xu Cheng’s ID. He then looked over at Mario and Chekhov for theirs.

They were fine as well, so he then looked at Caesar and Richie who were lying down at the back.

“What happened to them?”

Xu Cheng: “Nothing. They drank too much and it was boring on the way so they fell asleep.”

The guard: “Show me their IDs.”

Mario and Chekov were moved subconsciously as they were prepared to do something.

Yet Xu Cheng smiled. “Show him.”

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