Chapter 672: Establishing Intelligence Agency (Part One)

Caesar and Richie regained their consciousness slowly.

The two of them were scared underneath when they saw the police standing in front of them.

The police was originally fine, but when he saw the panicked look on the two, he became suspicious.

“Show me your IDs.”

Mario and Chekov looked like they were prepared to make a move at any time.

However, Xu Cheng said to Caesar and Richie, “Show them your IDs.”

Caesar and Richie were stunned.

They thought that the boss had said the wrong thing, because how could they give their IDs out?

 “But we ……”

The two of them hesitated and were tempted to remind Xu Cheng that they had already been exposed, and that giving out the ID would not be a smart idea.

There was probably a warrant on their ID in the entire country, and there would be an alert activated once it was scanned.

When the guard saw the somewhat sneaky expressions on the two of them, he spoke in an even more serious tone, “Take out your documents, now!”

Caesar and Richie looked at Xu Cheng again before they handed their IDs over to the checkpoint’s security.

The guards’ expression immediately changed when he saw their IDs, and just as he was about to pull out his gun at Caesar and Richie to order them off the car, he looked straight into Xu Cheng’s eyes.

He instantly felt his willpower shake and shatter!

He didn’t know why his head was so messy at that moment, so he shook his head trying to stay focused, but once he looked at Xu Cheng again, he somehow forgot everything that had just happened.

”Sir, is there a problem?”

Xu Cheng looked at him and asked.

The checkpoint guard looked down at the IDs and then at Caesar and Richie; his gaze looked somewhat empty and confused.

 “Nothing.” This guard shook his head.

He then returned the IDs, and only then did Xu Cheng roll up the window and drive away from the M Nation border, heading for the Mexican black market.

Once their vehicle left, his other colleagues came over after their lanes cleared, and asked that guard, “Was there a problem?”

“No.” The guard who inspected Xu Cheng’s vehicle shook his head.

“Then what are you doing with your gun out?” his colleague asked. “I thought you noticed something.”

 “I… don’t know why I pulled out my gun.” The guard himself was feeling a little baffled.

 What he didn’t know was that he was hypnotized by Xu Cheng’s terrifying psychic power just now!

“Boss, what just… what just happened? Did you bribe them?” Caesar and Richie were dumbfounded as they didn’t understand how they managed to cross the borders.

Mario and Chekhov were also relieved, mainly because neither of them had any disguise handy and it was not good to expose themselves while fighting their way out. It was a relief to be able to cross the border without having to fight or go through any troubles.

“Boss, were you the one who did something to him?” Chekhov looked at Xu Cheng in the driver’s seat and asked curiously.

Xu Cheng nodded slightly.

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