Chapter 673: Boldness (Part One)

Xu Cheng saw that Vala and Diesel didn’t come to greet him and asked curiously, “Where’s Vala and Diesel?”

“Wounded,” said Benjamin. “The two of them went to assassinate Blackwater’s boss and took out about twenty or so core members, including their Boss. But the entire force was heavily armed, and although bullets could not harm them, they couldn’t withstand the strength of the heavy weapons. Somehow this time, the overall strength of the Blackwater Mercenaries was quite strong, which was quite overwhelming for just the two of them. They are getting their wounds treated right now, and their lives are not in critical condition. “

Xu Cheng: “There’s no question about it. The M Nation is nervous; of course they wouldn’t want the Continental Mercenaries to completely occupy the Land of Mercenaries. Kush’s reputation in the Land of Mercenaries could easily allow him to establish a country and gain support from the people. The M Nation would not let him take the remaining two-fifth of that territory. The Blackwater mercenaries this time were their elite soldiers in disguise! How many of them were here this time?”

Benjamin crossed his arms and said, “A total of one hundred people, I went to monitor them as a casual mercenary. They were well-trained, that is they had guards on shift and were very disciplined. It’s impossible that they are just some random soldiers, so Boss you’re right. This group of people was indeed elite soldiers from the M Nation! Diesel and Vala were at a disadvantage this time, once they have recovered, I suspect that the number of Blackwater troops will grow even bigger, taking in the regular mercenaries. They have the support of the M Nation army behind them and would be able to grow fast and grow big. Even in the future, if their death toll becomes higher, it wouldn’t be the M Nation soldiers who die. The M Nation was smart in their strategy this time, taking what’s already there and putting it into something else, and all they would lose are some weaponry.”

Xu Cheng snorted coldly. “Then I’ll make their plans fail. I’ll kill all of them as they come! Let’s see if their soldiers still dare to set foot here!”

Having said that, he went to visit Vala and Desai. 

They were in hospital beds and were both shocked to see Xu Cheng come in. 

“Boss, you’re back?”

Xu Cheng nodded as he patted their shoulders and gave them both a cigarette. “Lie down. How are you?”

“It’s fine, I just got some internal injuries that look bad. The external ones were nothing.” Vala took the cigarette and lit it up as he smoked it and said, “Boss, when we went to fight them, these Blackwater troops had a hell of a lot of weapons and ammunition stockpiled inside! They’re planning to grow their troops and take on the Continentals to get a share of land in this chaos!”

Diesel nodded. “Yes, the market price of those weapons are expected to be worth at least one hundred million dollars. They could not have bought that much of it without the direct support from the M Nation government. The name Blackwater is just their disguise, they are definitely the first regular troops that the M Nation is trying to send in here to set up a station! If they were to grow bigger, with the current financial and ability of the Continentals Mercenaries, they will be a headache.”

Xu Cheng leaned against the window and smoked his cigarette as he asked, “What’s Kush’s opinion on this?” 

Benjamin followed Xu Cheng over and said, “He still has his suspicions about the Deviant Corp and is hesitant to expand his footsteps. With his strength, he can actually take control of the territory left behind by the original four clans very quickly. However, he doesn’t trust us and is also avoiding being in conflict with the M Nation, so he is keeping a hand.”

Xu Cheng sighed. “This guy has been really afraid all these years! Oh well, let me go talk to him. Benjamin, go prepare the vehicle.”

Benjamin: “Yes, Boss.”

Xu Cheng turned around and followed Benjamin out.

Benjamin drove the vehicle without anyone else on it, having only a flag hanging outside. It bore the logo of the Deviant Mercenary Corp. There were no bandits on the way there, and no one dared to come out and make a robbery. There was a rumor in the Land of Mercenaries.

The rumor had it that the reason why the Continental Mercenaries had defeated the combined ambush of the four major clans was because they had the Deviant Corp behind their back, and the Deviant Corp had since then become a kind of ghostly legend in the Land of Mercenaries.

It was usually rare to see them around, but once they appeared, anyone unlucky enough to run into them would die and become part of the desert. 

The Deviant Corp’s vehicle was the only one there that wasn’t armed in the Land of Mercenaries. However, although they didn’t have a Gatling gun equipped, they could easily take out anyone blocking them on the way.

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