Chapter 674: Deployment Meeting (Part One)

Xu Cheng thought of the Land of Mercenaries as his own territory, so even if everyone else could put up with other countries pointing their fingers at this land, he would not!

When he completely destroyed the four mercenary clans as a key step in his plan, he was determined to not allow anyone to break his regime nor allow anyone to turn the situation back to how it was before, with hundreds of different mercenaries corps fighting to be the top.

The Land of Mercenaries must be in his hands, and it was his future. Therefore, when the M Nation and the surrounding four neighboring countries wanted to stir up some messy business and take advantage of the mineral and crude oil reserves during chaos, it was more than unacceptable to Xu Cheng! 

Before the war, anyone could come in and build an army after occupying some land and explore what oil fields or mines were here, so the resources in the Land of Mercenaries had depleted over these years. Xu Cheng could not change the past, but now he was already in charge of more than half of the territory and he would not allow anyone to tamper with the script he had written

At first, Kush really thought the M Nation would be wary of the opposition from the four countries and would not dare to put their hands on them, but who knew that the four countries would be quite heartless and reach a certain agreement with the M Nation. They allowed fighter jets to fly around in the sky and also secretly allowed a few tanks into the Land of Mercenaries. With the four countries trying to cover up the situation, it was hard for any other country to jump in and comment. Besides, as long as the M Nation did not station its troops, the smaller groups of mercenaries could still be controlled by the four nations. However, the independent forces that relied on guns since the very beginning have never seen tank-level weapons, and that was not something they could withstand this time.

When they really came in battle with tanks and fighter jets, even the continental mercenaries couldn’t stand a chance of winning.

On their way back, Benjamin saw that Xu Cheng’s expression did not look so great.

He didn’t even speak a word.

“Boss, we didn’t know that those fighter jets belonged to the M Nation, this was a mistake on our intelligence network. We will further look into it.”

“I don’t blame you guys. It’s not surprising that the M Nation has their own ways to take control of a chaotic land.” Xu Cheng said, “But the food is already in our mouth, there’s no reason to spit it out again!”

The car arrived at the Deviant Corp’s basecamp.

Xu Cheng went straight to the conference room for the meeting.

The only ones attending were the core members of the Deviant Mercenary Corp.

Xu Cheng said to them, “This time I’ll take down the Blackwater Army!”

Vala and Diesel hadn’t recovered yet from their injuries, but they still came to the meeting and said, “Boss, it’s because we didn’t do our job properly. We’re willing to be punished.”

“Now is not the time for punishment. Remember, this will be our home from now on! I’m not referring to just the mountaintop basecamp here, but in terms of all the territory of the Land of Mercenaries. If anyone wants to cause chaos here, they shall be killed without mercy! Those who make trouble out there stand on our opposite side. You are still limited with your abilities, so I will only assess how your assassination missions are. If you can’t take out the entire army, then assassinate their leader, and kill anyone who tries to raise an army for rebellion! One slap wouldn’t be hard enough; if assassinating one leader’s not enough, then we will assassinate dozens or even hundreds. Let’s see who dares to stand against us. The only officially allowed mercenary corps here is the Continental Mercenaries. Even if we don’t make a statement to the other countries, it would still be only the Continental Mercenaries who can maintain order in the Land of Mercenaries, and whoever tries to stir up the situation will not be tolerated by the Deviant Corp. This is the third rule to the two major regulations of the Deviant Corp, remember it!”

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