Chapter 674: Deployment Meeting (Part Two)

Everyone: “Yes!”

Xu Cheng realized that he would have to find more like-minded brothers to join him, having this many people take charge of the assassination missions would be quite difficult as it would be a great task to complete.

However, the core members of the Deviant Corp must be people who were loyal at heart.

Xu Cheng looked at all the brothers present and said, “Li Wei and Luo Yi were originally from an intelligence agency, so the two of them will take over Caesar and Richie’s intelligence network. I hope you guys don’t have any second thoughts about this decision; it’s because in terms of intelligence work, no one here can beat the two of them. Now aside from the intelligence department, I will create another department, a military base. Chekhov.”

Chekhov”s body fidgeted. “Here.”

Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “Is there any problem for you to be the minister of the military department?”

Chekhov: “I’ve never done it before, I’m afraid I don’t qualify.”

Xu Cheng: “In terms of knowledge of weapons and ammunition, you are more familiar with it than anyone else. Probably only Kurt is more skilled than you in this field, but Kurt has died, so you will have to take on this important role. “

Chekhov gritted his teeth. “Then what can I do?”

Xu Cheng: “We will be in contact and with many other countries in the future, including the M Nation. Everytime we eliminate a group of troops, you will be responsible for taking their ammunition and weapons, including their jets and artillery, and bringing it back to our underground basecamp here. We’ll get the Intelligence department to find some military specialists to help you research these weapons. It would be too expensive if we continue to purchase arms from the black market, we still need to find a way for self-production. The Continental Mercenaries will be the head of this country in the future, but in terms of weapons or jets or heavy weapons, we must be the providers to sell them all this. As for the funds at the beginning, you’ll have to get it from Little Dong.”

His plan was to take control of the country!

Chekhov fidgeted. “Boss, why don’t you find me another deputy minister to help me out?”

Mario quickly raised his hand.

His look was saying, “Pick me, pick me!”

The other brothers rolled their eyes at him. “Why are you in a hurry? It’s not like anyone’s going to fight for this position with you.”

Mario laughed. “Boss, you know I’m not sensitive enough, and if you wanted me to be a head minister, then I’m sure I can’t take on the responsibility by myself. Why don’t I help Chekhov out, the two of us do get along quite well and understand each other. “

“That’s none of my business, but if something goes wrong, you’ll both be punished!” Xu Cheng said.

Chekhov and Mario nodded. “Understood.”

Xu Cheng then turned to look at Zhang Xiu. “Zhang Xiu, there is something I need you to do. Do you remember that thief I caught earlier who used to work at an auto mechanic shop?”

Zhang Xiu nodded. “Yes I remember, he has been locked up the whole time.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Go and tell him that this time, not only will we grant him freedom, but we can also give him an opportunity to make money. I plan to invest and open up an auto company for him.”

Zhang Xiu frowned. “Boss, now that the auto market is quite saturated, investing money into it would be no different from throwing money into water.”

Xu Cheng glared at him. “I didn’t say that I want a share of the global auto market. I plan to make use of man’s knowledge and techniques. I’m investing in him to build his own brand and some car building platform machines. I want him to find a way to build cars, so in the future, there won’t be any imported cars in the Land of Mercenaries. I’ll give him 10% of the equity for the auto company, and if he’s not stupid, he should know what to do!”

Zhang Xiu understood.

Right now, it was very difficult to import cars; it would cost three times the market price to buy one in this country, so Xu Cheng felt that there would be a lot of profit if they were to construct their own vehicles for both military and private use. As the first independent auto company in the future, it would have the country as its market, and would not have to worry about profit or returns in the future. They would play more of a constructive role in the country.

 “I see Boss, I’ll go find this guy and talk to him.”

Xu Cheng: “Not to talk to him.”

Zhang Xiu got his point. “I understand, I will give him this order!”

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