Chapter 675: Once At His Level, the Counter-attack Force Would Have to be in the Thousands (Part One)

– After the meeting ended – 

Xu Cheng asked Luo Yi to stay behind; Luo Yi saw that Xu Cheng had something to say to him and asked, “Big Brother Cheng, what is it?”

Xu Cheng said, “There is something that I need you to do back in Huaxia.”

 Luo Yi nodded. “What do you need me to do?”

Xu Cheng: “To purchase a satellite from the National Space Administration.”

Luo Yi’s pupils contracted.

Xu Cheng continued, “The reason the CIA has intelligence all over the world is because they use satellites and then send out signals to their agents all over the world. Look at how the Land of Mercenaries doesn’t even have stable cellphone connection. We won’t talk about deploying a global intelligence system just yet, but we do need to have total control of the Land of Mercenaries. Otherwise, stuff like how we don’t even know how many tanks the M Nation Blackwater Army sent in will happen again. We need to have our own military satellite as soon as possible. With the satellites, we could at least take full control of this country, and it will be very helpful in controlling the situation later; at least there won’t be any blind spots.”

Luo Yi nodded his head.

“Big Brother Cheng, I am worried if the country will even be willing to offer to sell it to us.”

“What’s there to be reluctant about? It’s not a secret nor illegal for developing countries to purchase satellites. As long as the deal is profitable, they will take your order. As for how much money it will cost, you’ll have to talk it out. Little Dong is in Huaxia and he’ll approve the funds.”

Luo Yi nodded. “Alright, then I will leave immediately.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Remember to keep it low-key.”

“Understood.” Luo Yi nodded and left the conference room.

Blackwater, the world’s most professional security consultant company.

As long as the price was reasonable, not just bodyguards but they would also take mercenary contracts.

In some war-torn countries, a lot of wealthy rich people didn’t have the ability to defend themselves, and that was why they hired professional security guards. Ordinary company guards wouldn’t dare to get involved in these war-torn areas, but Blackwater would!

As long as the money was there, they would become a bunch of notorious gangsters. People have to go ask for them because they were not just bodyguards, they were also war professionals as they were all veterans from the special forces with plenty of war experience. A lot of outsiders would think that Blackwater was more involved with government cooperation, because they were responsible for arranging jobs for retired soldiers. Having known this point, it would make their appearance in the Land of Mercenaries more intriguing; now any fool would know that they had come here with orders from the M Nation government.

This time they came in with a good reason, saying that a wealthy oil field plutocrat had hired them to protect his property.

However, based on the arms and weapons they brought in, it was obvious that they wanted to absorb the local resources to grow their team, and to station the Blackwater army here for a long time.

But, did they ask Xu Cheng first?

He finally managed to exterminate the four clans, reduce the confidence of the Continental Mercenaries, and make effort in taking control of the territory; so whoever wanted to come in at this time would be asking for trouble!

– Evening –

– Two kilometers away from Blackwater’s military basecamp –

Xu Cheng stood on a hill overlooking their temporary basecamp. The equipment was very militarized, and it didn’t look like what Blackwater owned before, but more like the M Nation Army’s property.

Outside the barracks, there were five tanks surrounding the barracks driving back and forth. Anyone, even from a distance, would be blown to pieces by the tanks if they tried to break through this layer of defenses. In addition to the tanks, there were around twenty soldiers on patrol outside the barracks, and it was clear that they were somewhat more alert than before because of the previous attacks.

He put down the binoculars, and Benjamin, who was beside him, said, “Boss, they are slowly getting more armed men, the entire basecamp previously had less than twenty units, but now they have doubled in size. I’m afraid that the entire troop may have more than a hundred armed men.”

Xu Cheng looked at the time. “You head back first and tell Chekhov that he can leave in half an hour. Bring enough vehicles and be prepared to take back the arms and weapons here. Tell him to bring more men with him as I’m afraid one trip wouldn’t be enough if he brings too little.”

Benjamin had some doubt of Xu Cheng’s words.

But he did not disobey him. “Yes, I’ll be heading back then.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

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