Chapter 676: Fear (Part One)

In fact, while Benjamin was heading back, Xu Cheng was already preparing for a massacre.

He went invisible, climbed up above a tank cover, and knocked on it with a rhythm.

The soldier inside driving the tank thought it was some bird above, but it wasn’t long before there was another sound of someone tapping.

He was confused.

He picked up the microphone and asked, “No.5, do you see anyone above my tank? Who the f*ck is playing a prank? It’s not funny at all in the middle of the night.”

No. 5 was another tank on patrol, and from the view of its crew, it was clear that there was no one above tank No. 1.

He picked up the interphone and replied to No.1, “All clear, I don’t see anyone.”

No. 1 froze.

That was when the knocking sounded again.

No. 1 was furious.

“No. 5, I told you and Mir Khan to not f*cking play with me. I’ll open up the cover, drag him in, and give him a beating.”

No. 5 frowned. “Who the f*ck is playing you? Are you on drugs?”

No. 1’s expression changed slightly.

There was still a knocking sound over his head and he sounded panicked. “Are you sure there’s no one above me?”

No. 5: “You’ve been patrolling all this time, who can climb up there halfway?”

No. 1 felt a numbness across his scalp.

“Hello?” he shouted.

The sound disappeared.

No. 1 let out a sigh of relief, but he didn’t dare to drive the tank too far. He kept a certain distance from the other tanks in the area so that he felt safer, and even though he was an atheist, he still felt a little creeped out just now, assuming No. 5 wasn’t lying to him.

It was then that the knocking sound suddenly turned into banging.

No. 1 was furious as he opened the hood to see if it was his other comrades screwing with him. The moment he opened the hood and stuck his head out, Xu Cheng grabbed his neck and twisted it!

No. 1 died instantly as Xu Cheng climbed inside the tank.

He then aimed the tank gun at the base camp trench.

However, he didn’t shoot yet.

Instead, he accelerated and drove the tank towards the rows of trenches.

Soldiers driving the other tanks felt something was wrong as No. 1 suddenly turned around and drove towards the basecamp with the gun aiming in that direction as well.

“No. 1, No. 1, where are you going?”

 “No. 1, do you copy? No. 1.”

“No.1, stop!”

They noticed that tank No. 1 directly drove towards the trenches area and crushed over it.

A few of the soldiers were baffled, and after the tank crashed over the trenches, Xu Cheng aimed a shot at the temporary barrack units.


The nearest unit in that barracks was blown to pieces!

The other four tanks were completely baffled.

The soldiers who were patrolling outside were also confused.

“No. 1, sh*t! What the hell are you doing? Stop right there!”.

The other officers reacted quickly as they gave order to the soldiers via the radio.

However, the tank was still firing shot after shot at the barracks.

At this point, the other four tanks drove over to pin No. 1 down and even had their guns pointed directly at No.1, ready to fire!

Meanwhile, the hatch quietly opened, and Xu Cheng leapt into the dark night sky, unnoticed by anyone.

Soon, all the soldiers in the barracks were sent out to surround and block tank No. 1. Someone climbed up the hood of the tank trying to catch the culprit inside. Four units had been blown to pieces because of his mistake, causing the death of twenty soldiers inside!

His charge would be to be executed on the spot.

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