Chapter 677: Irresistible Force (Part One)

These soldiers had fought their way through while drenched in blood to be where they were today; dying on the battlefield was not scary for them, and no matter how many of them Xu Cheng slaughtered, there would be more to come after. Thus, creating fear was the only way to fight them.

He wanted to make them unnerved and afraid of this land, so when the soldiers headed back, the horror story in the Land of Mercenaries would spread in the country. They would then fear this land, since rumors would spread that the people that came here would lose their minds and shoot at their own people.

No matter how much someone trusted their own comrades, once they stepped onto this land, they would no longer have that trust. By then, no matter how many troops they sent in, it would be pointless. The gap of trust was already there, and as long as they just killed a few soldiers, the others would be reminded of rumors and immediately abandon their equipment to run back to their country.

It had to be said that Xu Cheng certainly put some thought into this.

However, he was not intending to be merciful tonight. He would leave a few people alive, but not too many. The massacre had just begun.

After Xu Cheng left the tactical department, there was already chaos erupting outside.

Soldiers were all over the place; some were heading this way while others were heading outside to deal with the corpses of the four units attacked by the tank.

Xu Cheng walked in the darkness and no one could see him.

A soldier carrying a gun ran past him, and Xu Cheng suddenly grabbed hold of his gun tightly and burst fired at the other soldiers running beside him, killing five or six of them in total.

Then Xu Cheng walked away, and when the soldier reacted to the fact that he was somehow under control, other soldiers were already shooting at him without giving him a chance to speak and explain.

Xu Cheng was having a good time.

He was like a clown who was doing all the evil, and he had become addicted to his new role as a deceitful person unconsciously; to manipulate someone’s life and death, to save someone or kill someone without them knowing! If they didn’t mess with him, then he would let them go free, but if they did, then he would be the death of them.

Everywhere he went, he was either pulling grenade pins or grabbing someone else’s gun and shooting at their own people. The entire barracks was full of soldiers committing suicide by grenades or shooting themselves in the head after killing off their own people.

In short, it was chaos.


Everyone was crazy tonight.

Meanwhile, Xu Cheng was getting more and more handy.

He picked up a gun and took out a few soldiers in the darkness, but when someone looked in that direction, no one would be there.

Yet the soldiers who had fallen onto the ground were in fact dead and not breathing anymore.

Those soldiers who were still alive were somewhat broken and shaken inside, and they even developed a distrust of their own comrades. They gripped their guns tightly, wary of their comrades around them who might shoot at them from behind. No one wanted to leave their backs to their own people at this time.

Xu Cheng mischievously fired a shot towards the sky in the darkness.


Those soldiers who heard the gunshot soon went into self-defence, and some even aimed at their own people in case they were the first to strike.

Some were thinking too much, but there were still sensible ones.

The sensible ones who were being pointed at by their own people waved their hands and said nervously, “Take it easy.”

The tense soldiers gulped down their saliva and put down their guns.

But then, Xu Cheng fired some shots at another few soldiers.

A few more soldiers died on the spot, and those tense soldiers who were already panicking couldn’t stand it anymore as they rushed to the cars, intending to leave this weird place.

In an instant, no one wanted to stay behind, and they all went to look for vehicles so they could escape from here.

But Xu Cheng would not let them escape at all as he ran out of the base camp, took control of tank No. 1 from earlier, and fired a gun towards the few pickup trucks that were driving away.


Three pickup trucks were blown away with their tires falling and rolling onto the ground.

The tank then aimed at the gate and fired shots non-stop.

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