Chapter 678: Don’t You Dare Insult My Master! (Part One)

Xu Cheng had let the remaining thirteen soldiers leave without killing them off, he was deliberately letting them go back to spread the story and scare any troops that would come in the future. 

Those soldiers had already decided to be deserters when they opened the hood and found no one inside the tank.

Desertion is way better than dying here without knowing why! They missed the taste of hot dogs and the smell of bread back home, and someone had to go back and report the situation here.

Therefore, the thirteen soldiers found an excuse for themselves as they escaped together in pickup trucks.

Xu Cheng went and changed into the soldier’s clothes and found a pack of cigarettes on one of the dead bodies before sitting alone in front of the main camp and smoking it.

When there were seven or eight trucks rumbling over, Xu Cheng knew without looking up that it was Chekhov and the others.

Benjamin got out of the truck and looked around; there were dead bodies laying all over the place. He looked thoroughly around the entire camp and found that there was not a single living soul, including the several important officers who were dead inside.

There was always a question inside him, making him want to ask the Boss: how did he do it?

Xu Cheng saw their vehicles and scolded at Chekhov, “Didn’t I tell you to bring more people?”

Chekhov smiled bitterly. “Boss, it’s not that I don’t want to, but we would risk exposure if we borrowed men from untrustworthy people to seize these large war weapons from the M Nation. I’ve brought the whole Deviant Corp, we could come back and forth several times tonight to get all of them.”

“Then I’ll head back first. You guys do a good job bringing back these ‘trophies’. Alright, there’s a temporary airport they built behind that mountain, and there are two fighter jets. Anyone who knows how to fly one of these things, fly it back to the basecamp.”

Li Wei: “I know how, I was trained in the military and I’m proficient in operating all kinds of tanks and planes. But Boss, we don’t have a place to land it, and if we were to dock randomly, then I’m afraid it will attract unwanted attention!”

Xu Cheng: “What are you afraid of! The M Nation didn’t even claim that these were their planes and tanks. They don’t dare to admit it, so even if we openly drive them around and they try to blame us for stealing their planes and tanks, it won’t be even our turn as other countries will point their fingers at the M Nation before us.”

The others thought about it and it made sense; the M Nation was not allowed to station their troops in this area, and if they admitted that these planes and tanks were theirs, then it would be a violation of international law, and they would have a difficult time explaining afterwards.

– Huaxia –

Lin Dong went and picked up Luo Yi at the airport by himself, he hadn’t been back to his home country for a year now.

This time, he felt like he had seen an even bigger picture than what he saw back in the Dragon Division.

“Big Brother Yi, have you discovered your ability yet?” Lin Dong drove the Maybach owned by the Mandala Lab and asked Luo Yi.

Luo Yi smiled bitterly as he looked at the people and structures that he hadn’t seen for a long time. “I have no idea, how about you?”

“Same, it was stimulated during my time in that chaotic war zone, so I’m afraid it’ll be even harder for me to know what it is now that I’m back in the safety of this country” Lin Dong said, “Oh ya, Brother Yi. Did the Master ask you to come back to do something?”

Luo Yi nodded and asked him, “How much money does the company currently have over here?”

Lin Dong: “The domestic orders for Mandala’s Revitalization series had reached a revenue of 1.4 billion yuan.”

Luo Yi nodded. “That should be enough. I’ve approached Stanson, and we don’t need that much money. Send me to meet your Uncle Ye Xiu then.”

Lin Dong nodded and drove towards the Special Forces Club that Ye Xiu liked to hang out at.

Ye Xiu was the vice president of the club and liked to spend time here when there was nothing much going on. There were all kinds of training and fitness equipment, and he would come here to train with the special forces experts of Huaxia’s army. So he wasn’t just doing random drills, but was doing staged exercise with a purpose to improve himself overall.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiu wasn’t in the ring where he always liked to be at. When Luo Yi and Lin Dong walked in, they didn’t attract too much attention.

“I’ll give him a call,” said Lin Dong.

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