Chapter 678: Don’t You Dare Insult My Master! (Part Two)

Luo Yi nodded and then they stood at the corner, waiting for Ye Xiu to come over.

Luo Yi and Lin Dong’s figures were definitely considered built, so as soon as these two came in, it didn’t take long for others to notice them. Soon someone had nudged at Luo Yi. “Let’s go for a round?”

Luo Yi smiled slightly and waved his hand. “Forget it, you guys go. I’m here for something else.”

Lin Dong then said, “Then how about I go up for a round? I haven’t been in action for a year, it’s time for some wakeup calls.”

Luo Yi nodded. “Don’t get beat up.”

Lin Dong laughed and saw Ye Xiu coming over, so he then said to him, “Uncle is here, you can talk to him directly.”

Luo Yi walked up and welcomed Ye Xiu as he came towards him.

“I’ve heard from Little Dong that Big Brother Cheng asked you to come and discuss something with me? Let’s sit down and talk.” Ye Xiu brought Luo Yei to the sofa area and sat down.

Luo Yi said straightforwardly, “Big Brother Cheng wants to buy a satellite!”

Ye Xiu’s pupils contracted. “You’re not kidding, are you? Is my brother crazy? What does he want?”

Luo Yi: “I saw that it was 100 million US dollars for a satellite, and we will be offering twice as much for one.”

Ye Xiu: “It’s not a matter of how much money.”

Luo Yi had come here with Xu Cheng’s sincerity as he said, “Big Brother Cheng said that you should tell the Old Master that he’s got a lot of crude oil resources in his hands that can supply the country, so consider this deal as a partnership instead.”

Ye Xiu sighed. “The old man is right; that my brother is expanding his business.”

Meanwhile, a punch was thrown at Lin Dong’s face in the ring, but he immediately recovered and fought back. However, since he was up against an advanced special forces soldier, most of the attacks were more of a passive defense.

He was struck down by a roundhouse kick to the head, which nearly kicked Lin Dong out of the ring.

Lin Dong gritted his teeth trying to endure it.

Ye Xiu who saw it yelled at the senior member: “Don’t you know how to use proper strength?”

The member saw that it was Ye Xiu who spoke up and smacked his lips. “Young Master Ye, it’s a fight and I’ve already said I’d stop. It was this kid who insisted on carrying on, and if I don’t get him out of the ring, how could I match up with someone else to practice? He’s just really messing around with us. “

“Do you know who he is?” Ye Xiu pointed at the guy and said at Lin Dong, “His master is the chairman, and he’s the overprotective kind. So be careful later-on.”

“No way? You mean his master is the King of Special Forces, Xu Cheng?” This man was a little surprised and looked at Lin Dong in disbelief. This new member had only heard of stories about King Xu Cheng’s name, but he had seen him. However he thought, if his master was such a powerful person, then wouldn’t it be kind of lame for his apprentice to be this weak?

“If he really is Soldier King Xu Cheng’s apprentice, then I would question Xu Cheng’s true strength.”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth was a bit bruised already. He could accept his own lack of abilities but he couldn’t take it if he embarrassed the team. It was fine if he was beaten up, but this guy’s last words humiliated his master and made Lin Dong very angry. Only he knew how amazing his master was!

“Don’t you dare insult my master!” Lin Dong suddenly stood up furiously and slammed his chest against the special forces soldier.

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