Chapter 679: Master’s achievements cannot be discredited (Part One)

Those who knew Lin Dong’s strength before didn’t expect him to be capable of exerting such an explosive power, pushing the senior special forces soldier a few steps back.

The special forces soldier narrowed his eyes with a sense of anger burning within.

Ye Xiu frowned at it as he was ready to call it off. Lin Dong was also the apprentice of his brother and he must take good care of him while he was in Yanjing. He had hinted at the special forces soldier but didn’t expect that he would still provoke Lin Dong using his master, Xu Cheng.

Luo Yi tugged on Ye Xiu before he could stop the two and said, “Don’t, just let him fight. This guy insulted his master, he’s going down hard if he’s not going to die.”

“I’m afraid that he won’t be able to win,” Ye Xiu said.

“I think the opposite.” Luo Yi said, “Little Dong has a very strong personality; even if he can’t beat him, he will fight with his life on the line. Sometimes even experts are afraid of these reckless ones.”

Luo Yi was right. In Lin Dong’s eyes, his master was an amazing person. Someone could be ignorant and not know anything about his master; that was fine, but they shouldn’t be ignorant and slander his master.

Even if he didn’t stand a chance at winning, the anger Lin Dong felt was not something that the senior member could destroy through the fight.

The special forces soldier got up and kicked Lin Dong over, sending him across the ring as he bounced off the ropes. Lin Dong didn’t stop as rushed back at his opponent, and without any unnecessary moves, he charged at him and fought like he was trained to.

The senior member wanted to kick him in the stomach, but Lin Dong pounced on him, sending the two rolling around in the ring. Lin Dong wrapped his limbs around his opponent and just did not let go no matter how the opponent attacked him with his elbows. Suddenly, he buried his teeth in the senior member’s shoulder.

“Ah!” The senior member screamed and was furious, striking Lin Dong at the back of his head. Lin Dong felt dizzy and almost passed out, but after he held on he bit down again on the opponent’s other shoulder.

“Ah!” The senior member burst out screaming again, and Lin Dong roared before he tore the flesh with his teeth, causing his opponent to bleed.

The senior member kept hitting Lin Dong with his elbows on the sides of his face and choking his throat, trying to prevent him from using his mouth.

Finally, the special forces soldier kneed Lin Dong in his stomach a few times.

A mouthful of blood spat out from Lin Dong’s throat.

Ye Xiu was shocked.

Luo Yi narrowed his eyes as he watched it happen.

However, Lin Dong spat out the blood as he bit on the back of his opponent’s hand, causing him to bleed again.

The special forces soldier quickly withdrew the elbow from Lin Dong’s throat, and Lin Dong took the chance as he wrapped his arms around and bit into his ear!

“Ah!” No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t get rid of Lin Dong, and Lin Dong used his strong physique to endure the kicks and punches, trying to win in the endurance game.

The special forces soldier did not expect him to be so resilient, that no matter how hard he struck, Lin Dong would come back and bite him like a well trained dog.

When one of his ears were bitten off, the special forces soldier could no longer endure the pain and burst out a hysterical scream.

That was when all the other people watching the show came up and pulled the two men apart.

After Lin Dong was pulled away, he roared to him with bloodshot eyes and blood running down the corner of his mouth, “Come on! I’ll fu*king kill you! How dare you insult my master? Who the hell are you? Even if I’m a piece of trash, I can still cripple you! Come on!”

Ye Xiu looked surprised. “I didn’t see him like this before, since when did he become so ruthless?”

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