Chapter 679: Master’s achievements cannot be discredited (Part Two)

Luo Yi smiled slightly, “I’m afraid that you won’t believe what we’ve all suffered. Over this one year, Little Dong’s mental strength and guts have been fattened up. You should be glad that Little Dong doesn’t learn that fast, and that his Master hasn’t taught him lots of moves. Otherwise, his opponent would’ve died already!

That special forces soldier’s entire ear was bitten off, and he couldn’t think about continuing the fight any further as he got assisted out of the ring to hurry to the hospital.

The rest of the people stared at Lin Dong, looking somewhat terrified, seeing that he coughed up blood and wiped it away as if it was nothing. They all thought that he was crazy. Especially that he also pushed away the people who were supporting him, climbed down the ring, and grabbed his jacket as he walked towards where Luo Yi was at.

The group of people behind him tsked. “This guy just showed us what it means that even an expert would be afraid of someone reckless. There is a good saying: if you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you!”

“This guy is ruthless.”

“That Zhao An was stupid himself, this guy was ready to leave already, but he had to humiliate his master.”

Lin Dong carried his jacket and stood in front of Ye Xiu as he looked at the two of them; his self-esteem would not allow him to say anything further as he left the club.

Ye Xiu commented, “This guy just won’t lose face; his self-esteem is still so strong.”

Luo Yi said, “Mainly because he thinks he’s embarrassed his master.”

Ye Xiu: “My Big Brother Cheng is that great in his eyes? So great that his apprentice would fight this hard to defend his name? It looks like he doesn’t even care about losing his life or not. The few hits he took there definitely caused some problems in the ribs, throat and inner organs. Otherwise how could he vomit so much blood. Go take a look on him quickly, don’t let there be any aftereffects.”

Luo Yi nodded. “Alright, Young Master Ye. Like what I said before, please talk it out with the Old Master, this was the message that Big Brother Cheng wanted me to deliver and complete.”

Ye Xiu nodded. “I know, go check on that brat and take him to the hospital quickly.”

Luo Yi didn’t say much further as he turned around to catch up with Lin Dong, who was in a bad mood as he made his way out.

Lin Dong was already wiping his blood stains away in the car parked outside, looking somewhat upset.

When Luo Yi got into the car, he said, “Don’t be so down for such a thing, okay?”

Lin Dong was on fire. “He could humiliate me but I will not allow him to humiliate my master. If I backed down and was wimpy, then I wouldn’t only be embarrassing myself, but embarrassing Master as well. Didn’t you hear what they called Master? King of Soldiers! I’m a disciple of the King of Soldiers, if I endure it until I’m off the ring, it would be the same as discrediting everything Master had done. Even if I die, I would not allow Master’s achievements’ to be discredited.”

Luo Yi patted him on the shoulder. “Okay, are you hurt? Let’s go to the hospital first.”

“What hospital.” Lin Dong glared at him. “Can we even go to the hospital?”

Luo Yi then just remembered about their genetic modifications as he smacked his lips. “Yes, I almost forgot about that.”

Lin Dong: “Let’s go to the company, there is some medicine there.”

Luo Yi grinned. “Aright, you have a hot temper. I’ll admit to it. I’ll be your driver for today, so please don’t bite me if you feel like I’ve done a good job.”

Lin Dong sat in the boss seat and sighed as he looked out of the car window. “Master must be starting his plan now, right? I feel like it’s no fun here in Huaxia, I want to go back to the Land of Mercenaries so badly.”

Luo Yi smiled. “It’s not like you’re going to stay here forever, he’s just letting you stop by to spend time with your family. Be satisfied with that since you still have family; no one will feel bad for us if we die.”

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