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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 680.1

Chapter 680: Lin Hu’s Request (Part One)

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. “Big Brother Yi, do you think Master is not letting me take risks because I have a family?”

Luo Yi drove as he replied, “That must be one of the reasons; when he took you away back then, he must make sure to bring you back alive, so don’t complain about how he doesn’t let you get involved all the time. You can hide many things from other people but how much can you hide from your family? The fact that your Master let you join the Deviant Corp is already recognition in itself. In fact, Little Dong, there are many people in our team who have heard that you have a family and are careful around you.”

Lin Dong was slightly shocked.

“Everyone else chose this path without worrying about the consequences, but you’re different. However, Big Brother Cheng still insisted on letting you know all these secrets and considers you to be one of us,” Luo Yi said.

“I know.” Lin Dong nodded. “That’s why I want to prove myself even more. I know I’m useless aside from the fact that I’m Master’s disciple, so I do what I can for the team. I know that no one is talking behind my back because it’s Master’s decision, but I don’t want to let him down or give him a bad reputation. I’ll go back after these company things get sorted out.”

Luo Yi said, “And you’re willing to leave your family?”

Lin Dong: “I have to fight no matter what. I’ve decided ever since I joined the Deviant Corp that I will definitely not break our oath, no matter if it’s my family or my parents. I’m already used to the turbulence in life during my days abroad. Brother Yi, you won’t understand how comfortable my days have been ever since I came back to Huaxia for the past half month, so comfortable that I can’t stand this kind of life. It’s like dead water, I can’t even stir up the waves even if I throw a rock into it. I want to hit it with a rock. I’ve thought about it, I’ll try to do something good with my ability for my family this time, and that would count as my repayment of gratitude to my family. Then I’ll find a professional manager to take care of the company. I know how our company runs: all the goods come from the Land of Mercenaries and are supplied to the world. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any chances of stealing confidential information from the subdivisions in other countries. They can’t make our products from scratch, so once I entrust the company to a professional manager, I can return to the team.”

Luo Yi said, “Let’s talk about it then, when your Master lets you go back.”

When they arrived at the company, Lin Dong walked into the CEO’s office.

There were already employees at work outside, and the first batch of the Revitalization Series had been officially loaded into the inventory awaiting to be supplied to other distributors.

Lin Dong took out a syringe of medicine from the safe and injected it into himself, that eased the pain in his body as he sat onto the sofa.

Meanwhile, Luo Yi looked at the view of the city from the floor-to-ceiling glass window.

A secretary walked in and poured two cups of coffee for Lin Dong.

“President Lin, your coffee.”

This secretary had a very gentle and sweet tone, and Lin Dong nodded. “Leave it on the table.”

The secretary then walked out.

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