Chapter 681: Things turn black when they’re near the ink (Part One)

Lin Dong looked at his brother Lin Hu and asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Hu was embarrassed to speak up, so Mother Lin beside him sighed and said, “You know how technology companies burn a lot of money in research and development. Just look at the domestic cell phone companies, independent research and development on processor chips would cost billions of dollars. Your brother’s company does not intend to enter the cellphone industry, but appliances also need large-scale research and development, which costs a lot, and although there are government fundings, it’s nothing compared to what the actual cost is.”

Lin Dong understood, and he looked at Lin Hu as he said, “It seems like Bureau Director Liu had mentioned this to you the other day, right? He seems to have told you that developing the software and hardware is very costly, and you wouldn’t listen.”

Lin Hu laughed bitterly. “How would I know that it would be so consuming. Originally, I thought of not doing independent research and development, like for cell phones or home appliances, and we could rely on other companies and parts suppliers to assemble products. However, who knew the profits were so low. We joined after, and there was no way to get lower prices from the parts suppliers, which indirectly raised the cost. Then regarding the sales, the price was not as competitive in promotion events, and that led to the fact that it’s only been the first round of production, and we don’t have much free cash value. I think this wouldn’t work, so we intended to return to independent research and development, but who knew that just the machines and tools had cost tens of millions of dollars, not including the late R&D costs. I simply don’t have any money in hand.””

Lin Dong understood.

“I see, brother, You’re saying that you want to borrow money from me, right?”

Lin Hu smiled bitterly with embarrassment.

His mother spoke up. “You two are brothers, don’t be so distant to each other. It’s your brother’s first time investing, and determination is a good thing worth encouraging. Besides, everyone could fail when making investments. Little Dong, this money is draining our family’s savings; if I had another way, then I wouldn’t have brought your brother here.”

“Mom, but as you said, this R&D cost is a bottomless pit. Where am I going to get so much money for my brother?” Lin Dong said in a slightly probing manner.

Mother Lin said, “This new product of the Mandala Lab, I heard that the orders are numbering in the tens of thousands. I’m guessing that the revenue is more than a billion, right?”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. “Mom, this money belongs to the company. It’s not mine and it’s illegal if I use it.”

Lin Hu coughed. “Doesn’t this belong to your Master, Mr. Xu? You can talk to him about it.”

Lin Dong secretly despised his brother. Now that you know my master is Mr. Xu, what were you doing before?

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.” At this time, Luo Yi, who was drinking his coffee, interrupted the conversation, playing a duet with Lin Dong. “Embezzlement of public funds is not a big matter, but this will make Mr. Xu distrust Mr. Lin, which is the big problem.”

Mother Lin’s expression changed when she heard it as this was a question of trust. She didn’t want her son to be kicked out of the company because Lin Dong’s Master has some misunderstanding.

“Then… Little Hu, maybe we shouldn’t?”

“Mom, there’s nothing more the bank can do. Do you want me to declare bankruptcy and stop the R&D?” Lin Hu hurriedly leaned in front of his mother and whispered urgently.

 “But, it’s hard on your brother too. ” Mother Lin glared at Lin Hu.

“Big Brother, how much money do you need?” Lin Dong asked Lin Hu.

Lin Hu was hesitant as he held up three fingers and said, “I think 300 million will be a secure amount. Don’t worry, in the future, when my company is up and running, I will return the money to you with full interest. Tell your master that we’re only temporarily borrowing it.”

“What about if the company can’t run well?” Luo Yi coldly snorted:.”This money is honestly just numbers to Mr. Xu, but you were against Little Dong’s worship of Mr. Xu at the beginning, and he also told you that day that taking Little Dong as his disciple was not because of you guys at all. He does not like you guys very much. If Little Dong lends you the money without asking for permission, then he can’t tell his Master.”

“This…” Mother Lin hesitated.

Lin Dong saw that Luo Yi was following along and pretended to be in a difficult situation, so he said, “Mom, if you really need this money, it’s not like I can’t take it out. I’ll just go back to run more errands for my master, but I’m afraid that because of this matter, I won’t be able to come back here all the time in the future.”

Lin Hu tugged on his mother. “Mom, only Little Dong can help me. Where else can I borrow 300 million?”

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